10 Snapchat Accounts To Follow Now

Snapchat is definitely our move these days. It’s more real than Instagram, less drama than Twitter and more relevant than Facebook. Real talk: When your mom and dad are on that “social medias” you know it’s time to move on. There’s a ton of cool peeps to follow these days and god knows it’s nice to get a break from literally every single girl in your feed doing the dog face filter. Here’s a few of our favorite friends who are doing it right.

Arsenic TV
Username: ArsenicTV
Why you should follow: Remember when Maxim and Playboy had balls? Okay, maybe not the right choice of words, but you get it. Arsenic is a for-the-people, by-the-people online fashion, lifestyle, and anything in-between site, whose Snapchat is on fire. Based out of an Entourage-worthy house in the Hollywood Hills (you know where the stars live), Arsenic’s bread and butter are “model takeover” videos which consist of hot, half-naked chicks filming behind the scenes b-roll of photoshoots, parties and events.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Username: arnoldschnitzel
Why you should follow: The Hollywood action hero-turned-politician-turned-Snapchat king — wait, what? Yes, the former Mr. Universe’s Snapchat game is way strong as evidence by an ad-libbed “get to the choppa” video he posted, which nearly broke the internet. The 68-year-old former Cali Governor, uses his account as a personal PR device where he promotes his latest movie, attends conferences on global warming or rides bikes with his Instafamous son Patrick in Santa Monica.

Username: diplo
Why you should follow: There should be a picture of Diplo’s smug mug in the Urban Dictionary under the word ““Tastemaker.” A jet-setting DJ, hit-making music producer, whose list of ex’s reads like the Billboard charts: Katy Perry, M.I.A. Madonna, Taylor Swift, he’s the envy of every red-blooded, fist-pumping American male. The Grammy Award winner’s uncensored Snapchat is the next best thing to being holed up in a Jamaican music studio with Jack U partner, Skrillex, or playing a historic show in Havana, Cuba with his Major Lazer crew.

Barstool Sports
Username: barstoolsports
Why you should follow: To put it in El Pres’s terms, The Stool’s snap is “absolute savagery”. Everything you love about Barstool in convenient, live-and-happening format. Add in regular takeovers from Smokeshows (if you don’t know what that is, google “barstool smokeshow of the day”, you’re welcome) and you’ve got all your gif, memes, college pranks, partying and more, under one, er, stool.

Gary Vaynerchuk
Username: garyvee
Why you should follow: Vaynerchuk is a brash, serial entrepreneur and self-described “social media master” whose Snapchat plays out like one of those pump up speeches Leo DiCaprio gives in “Wolf of Wall Street.” The New York Times best seller and self-taught wine expert, loves the hustle, using Snapchat (which he’s a shareholder in) to dish out investment opportunities, document his high-paying speaking engagements and power lunches.

Casey Neistat
Username: CaseyNeistat
Why you should follow: Filmmaker and YouTube star has declared Snapchat as the greatest storytelling tool, which says a lot considering that he’s tried and mastered most of them. His inspiring and original Snapchat stories shares his “live for today” mantra, showcasing his worldwide travels and his never-ending quest to follow his dreams or die trying.

DJ Khaled
Username: DJKhaled305
Why you should follow: As we’ve discussed before, the undisputed Snapchat king is a Digital Age philosopher, and his often-hilarious, always entertaining rants are always a good time. Even if you think his made for hashtags sayings and Fortune Cookie wisdom is full of MSG, there is no denying that the hip hop entrepreneur (who just signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation) is worth riding with, well, at least for 10-second intervals.

Jerome Jarre
Username: Jeromejarre
Why you should follow: A former Vine star who went over to the Snapchat-side, Jarre is a ball of positive energy who bounces around the world, spreading warmth, cheer and a goofy/creepy smile. The French-born social media star’s never-ending stories feature him doing pranks on famous faces in far flung places or incorporating branded content into a silly situation.

Username: gq_magazine
Why you should follow: The venerable style magazine brings you a lot to offer on snapchat: style tips, pop culture commentary, office pranks, and more. If you’re a regular reader, their snap is a must-follow for all your lifestyle needs.

Username: nba
Why you should follow: Believe it or not, the actual official league snapchat has it's game on-point. From the latest updates to interviews, and behind-the-bench specials, it's must-follow for every NBA diehard, especially now that we are deep into the playoffs.

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