Your 2020 Style Resolutions

When it comes to changing our styles, some of us aren’t as inclined to go against the grain or make any bold sartorial changes. Even though every man’s style can and will evolve over time, there are some instances where a leap of faith is in order.  As we embark on another year, consider it a time to start making some style resolutions.  Whether you’re adopting a new vibe, trying a new accessory or two, or revamping your entire wardrobe, consider our suggestions as a starting point to making 2020 your most stylish year yet.

Double Down Or Hit Your Peak
Let 2020 be a time for you to reconsider your suit jacket or blazer silhouette and add a dash of boldness to your formal wardrobe with a double-breasted or peak lapel jacket or blazer.

Long considered a fashion staple reserved for the likes of playboy jet-setters and James Bond, the double-breasted jacket is a great way to amp up your style without jeopardizing the current state of your formal wardrobe.  Whether you wear it on your day-to-day or on special occasions, this stylish statement is going to bring compliments and envy.  Just keep your fit and sizing in proper check.  Plus, if you already own a peacoat, you’ve experienced what it’s like to go the double-breasted route.

If you want a dose of something special but aren’t ready to commit to the full DB, consider the peak lapel.  A traditional way of flexing your style cred, the peak lapel not only looks cool, but its upwardly-angled lapels are also going to enhance your silhouette and give you that v-shape we all would love to have, regardless of how many workouts you’re hitting up each week.

Commit To Grooming, For Real This Time
Not to get too bogged down in the details of proper grooming, (we’ve got some tips here and here) but committing to a proper skin care regimen and a regular shave/cut routine can breathe new life into your overall look. There’s a wealth of options out there for us men, so consider a new cut, commit to moisturizing your mug, grooming that beard, and generally thinking about the long term positive effects a proper grooming routine is going to have on your confidence and look.

Strap Up
Let’s face it: those black leather oxfords you’ve used for every special occasion since your high school graduation need to rest and there’s one shoe, in particular, you need to consider adding to your collection.  Monk straps are one part elegant, one part out of the ordinary. Rooted in some of the most fundamental Italian fashion fundamentals, monk straps are surprisingly versatile. Wearing them with your sharpest suit, or dress them down a bit with some dark jacket and even darker denim.  As you incorporate them into a variety of looks you’ll see how seamlessly they work with everything you want to wear and how just a bit of swag can go a long way.

Tie A Bolder One On
It's time to take your collection of simple essential ties a step forward, and there is a wealth of neckwear options in an assortment of fabrics and styles that are sure to punch up your shirt-and-tie game.  Start by adding a few bolder colors and patterns like a more aggressive stripe, a rich paisley, or a dandy-ish geometric foulard.  Then, start considering playing around with different fabrics and textures.  Grab a silk knit or tweed herringbone variation and see if it doesn’t change your perspective.  If you’re feeling tentative about going too far off the deep end, switch up the fabric, but stay within the color palette you’re most comfortable with. Then you can work from there.  Additionally, let the rest of your look stay simple and classic, like a dark, solid suit and white shirt, and let your neckwear do all the talking.

Don't Skip The Details
Going hand in hand with a good tie is an equally good set of accessories. More specifically, the incorporation of the tie bar and pocket square. By far one of the best ways to enhance the look of a suit, second only to professional tailoring, adding a smart square or complimentary bar can work wonders towards adding new energy to your otherwise sleepy suits.  If you want to elevate your suit game even more, go full dandy by adding a lapel pin or flower to the mix, but beware of overcrowding your chest area. Too much “flair” and you may be mistaken for a TGI Friday’s employee.  So, pick two or three and make sure whatever you’re adding is going to be appropriate in the suit-wearing setting your in, work or otherwise.

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