4 Reasons Why the oxford rules

If you only could have one shirt in your closet for the rest of your life, you could do worse than a great oxford shirt. It’s the definition of one of those “essentials” we are always going on and on about. But maybe you’re wondering about what an Oxford shirt is exactly? Is it a dress shirt? Is it just a casual button down? These are all valid questions. So before we get into all the reasons why an Oxford shirt is one of the bedrock basics in your closet, let’s explore what we’re really dealing with here.

There are two main traits that make an oxford shirt an oxford shirt, first and foremost, they usually have a traditional button-down collar, and two, they are defined strictly by the Oxford weave fabric (surprise, surprise), a basket-weave pattern that combines two yarns woven lengthwise against a heavier yarn crosswise. Now that you’ve got your Oxford knowledge on lock, here are 5 reasons why the oxford shirt is one of those next-level style MVPs that every man should own.

1. Relaxed But Comfortable
Everybody should own a shirt that is easy and relaxed, but it shouldn’t always be a basic tee-shirt (we’re sure your significant other probably agrees too). While it’s certainly an easy and quick way to take any outfit up a notch or two, it also doesn’t get any more simple and comfortable than a soft, broken-in oxford.

2. Incredibly Versatile
An oxford shirt is one of the few shirts that you can wear to a job interview, to the bar, on a first date, or even with shorts and sneakers. Whether you’re dressing one up with a suit and tie, elevating your denim a notch with a blazer, or pairing them with your favorite pair of chinos, these shirts are the perfect team player for a huge range of different styles and look great on everyone, regardless of build.

3. Durable And Easy To Care For
In addition to being stylish and comfortable, the oxford owes a good bit of its longstanding popularity to its durability and easy maintenance. Unlike the finer weaves of some of your dress shirts and poplins, the thicker, more substantial weight of a proper oxford can take days of hard wear in stride. Not to mention they’re simple to wash and hang dry and come out looking great after a light press with no dry cleaning or specific care required.

4. Ready For The Weekend
Weekend attire can certainly be tricky at times, especially when you have an entire day’s worth of activities planned. The great news is that an oxford can handle all of your weekend plans without breaking a sweat. Simply toss it on with a nice pair of jeans or chinos and relax knowing that your outfit is going to be on-point from brunch until you leave the bar. Interchange a blazer, loafers or sneakers, and a lightweight knit and you’ve got all your bases covered.

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