5 Chino Looks For Every Occasion

Chinos were originally designed to fill a need for pure utility. First developed and worn in the 1800’s by the British and US military forces, chinos have ascended to style essential. Simple, versatile, and stylish with a variety of different things, by now, chinos are probably in your regular rotation (they are, aren't they?).

Chinos are great because they can take to a variety of different looks, from casual to dressy, with ease, and they're a great transition from denim. Here are few fresh new ways to upgrade your chino vibes and maximize their versatility.

Look 1: Tan chinos, short or long sleeved printed shirt, sneakers or drivers

Perfect for an afternoon out and about (day drinking or not) or a casual evening or date, tan chinos are a great way to look sharp but still relaxed and casual. Throw on a light zip-up jacket or sweater when it cools down.

Look 2: Navy chinos, checked dress shirt or oxford (tucked in), penny loafers or drivers

Slightly more dressy than tan, navy chinos will elevate your style for a date or a casual work environment. The add-in of a slightly more formal shirt that’s tucked in and a more dressy loafer translates to sharp and polished, but not stuffy or boring. Layer on a v-neck sweater for a bit of extra warmth but not bulk. Say goodbye to that overdone chino and tucked in polo look, you're better than that.

Look 3: Grey Chinos, printed or check button down, knit or cotton/linen tie, penny loafers or double monks

We’re big fans of wearing a tie because you want to, not because you have to and this combination with grey chinos straddles the line between casual and formal in a really stylish way. And while we can't guarantee success, showing up to your next date wearing knit tie definitely increases the odds of you getting another date (among other things).

Look 4: Black chinos, dress button down or oxford, patterned blazer, pocket square, loafers or monks

Sometimes you've got to get a bit more dressy, and black chinos are the ticket. A nice dinner, one of the many summer events you’ve got a stack of invitations for, or maybe you just want to flex on your co-workers this casual Friday. Adding in a blazer, sans tie, and a punch of pattern and color with a pocket square is a surefire way to show the office who’s boss (well, style-wise anyway). Just make sure you go with a solid shirt to complement the patterns you’ve got going on in the blazer and pocket square, otherwise you risk seizures and being “that guy” at the cross-functional meeting or the dinner table.

Look 5: Olive chinos, navy blazer, dress shirt, tie, monks or captoe oxfords.

If you’re wearing a suit 4 or 5 days a week, wearing that same suit to a weekend event like a party or wedding can feel a little bit, well, boring. Leave the fools wearing their Monday-through-Thursday suits to a wedding in your stylish and enviable wake and dress up some olive chinos to the nines. This look is perfect for any event with a medium level of formality or an afternoon/evening start time.

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