5 Things You Need To Know This Week

February week one, let’s do this…

The Iowa Caucus
Despite the non-stop political yammering and press coverage, the 2016 Presidential Election Race really doesn’t officially begin until the Iowa Caucus kicks off today. If you’re like us, you’re pretty much ready for it all to be over already (or the sweet release of death) but strap in, it’s just starting. The gist is, the Caucus voters meet to nominate their respective party candidates for the general election. Rather than going to polls and casting ballots, Iowans gather at a set location in each of Iowa's 1,682 precincts. Here’s more on how they work.

The Takeaway: The caucus winners usually end up being the presidential race candidates and given this year’s races on both sides of the aisle are particularly tight it should be an interesting event. Plus, SNL skits.

Super Bowl 50
If there was more of a classic old school vs new school battle than Peyton Manning vs Cam Newton we don’t know what is. Outside of two exceptional teams, the game is packed with intriguing storylines. Peyton’s last ride, Cam’s ascendency, two insane defenses, physical running games, and one of the best receivers in the game. Oh, and the commercials.

The Takeaway: Long live Manning, Denver beats Carolina 24 - 21

New York Men's Fashion Week
Menswear descends on NYC once again as the Spring/Summer 2016 collections kick off today. The week’s shows will feature everyone from OG’s like Hilfiger and Varvatos to the coolest new vibes from young guns like Ovadia & Sons, N. Hoolywood, and David Hart. Stay tuned to us for coverage of all our favorite shows. Oh, also, Zoolander’s Instagram is killing it.

The Takeaway: Can you be too good looking?

The San Diego Superchargers of Los Angeles (maybe?)
Rather than play secondfiddle in LA, the San Diego Chargers opted to stay in their home city for the 2016 season. Owner Dean Spanos has been threatening to take his ball and leave (like a little bitch) for longer than anyone cares to remember in an effort to coerce the city to build a new home for the Chargers. The NFL pledged $300 million in a half-hearted attempt to help grease the tracks for a new stadium in SD but who knows if the city will pony up.

The Takeaway: It’s all talk. Sadly, we think San Diego moves to LA after the 2016 season.

That's Snaptastic
Evan Spiegel is coming for you. In recent leaked images and info, it appears Snapchat is upgrading many of its existing features to further attack the red-hot messaging market. New features like audio and video calling plus for-sale stickers could signify the apps roll towards monetization.

The Takeaway: There’s even more Snapchat in your near future and maybe not all of it is going to be free. Poop emoji.

Song Of The Week: Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd - Wonderful

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