5 Tips From A Stylist

As Unhemmed’s resident stylist, Brianna knows a thing or two about helping men dress well. When she’s not styling photoshoots, dressing displays, or merchandising a wide range of products, she’s scouring the internet for the latest trends and looks. Around Unhemmed HQ she’s known as Bri Real, because she always has a smart tip up her sleeve and isn’t shy about sharing. With such a keen eye available, we decided to to pick her brain for some advice on how she thinks you can dress better. We recommend you pay attention…

Keep It Simple, Stupid - “Most guys overthink it; style doesn’t have to be complicated” she says. “Start with basic items that are super versatile and high quality. You don’t need a million shirts and fancy accessories. Once you’ve mastered the basics, then you can put your own personal touch on it.”

Dark Denim, Always and Forever - “A clean, sharp pair of dark denim is probably the most important single thing a guy can own. Dress it up for work or throw on a t-shirt on the weekends, it’s always going to be in style.”

Pay Attention To Your Shoes - “Whatever types of shoes you wear, keep them in good shape and looking sharp. Women always notice what shoes a guy has on, and a nice pair is definitely going to win you some points.” Her favorites? “Desert boots with denim and dark brown double monkstraps with everything else.” Boom.

Dress It Up - “I think more guys should dress up because they want to rather than because they feel have to. I love seeing guys wear a tie on the weekends or throwing on a blazer with their denim for a date. Not only will you look great and feel confident, but the extra effort won’t go unnoticed; it shows you care and take pride in how you dress, and that’s definitely attractive.”

Button Up Your Jacket - “It might seem simple but when you’re not sitting, keep your suit jacket buttoned. It will make you look thinner and really show off that well-fitting suit. Just make sure it’s the top button only, never button both buttons, it drives me crazy.”

Live and direct, from the expert herself. Now, you don’t have to be a fancy celebrity to enjoy the advice that a stylist has for you. Just listen up and sharpen up. It’s that easy.