5 White Sneakers Perfect For Spring

Call it what you want, “The Dad Sneaker Trend”, “The Ugly Sneaker Movement”, “A Straight Up Dumpster Fire”, loud and bulky sneakers are definitely a thing.  While this trend is not going anywhere for a while, for the average stylish man it’s simply not executable, versatile, or even cool. That’s why we’re going to continue to endorse the benefits of clean, simple, and sharp-as-hell white leather sneakers. You can (and should) wear ‘em the whole year, but they become an even more important wardrobe staple as we round into Spring and Summer. Whether you’re wearing them with your casual gear like denim, chinos, and shorts, or dressing down your favorite suit for a night out (more on that here), the right pair is crucial.  Here are a few of our favorites for every budget, just in time for the seasonal style transition.

Adidas Stan Smith - $80
A classic athletic style from back in the day, the Stan Smith might be the best all-around sneaker for your money.  It blends a vintage athletic vibe with smooth leather and a clean, classic shape. A killer deal for an essential style at just $80.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 - $179
Boasting a similar round-toe design as the Stan Smith but with elevated materials and design, the Low 1 is a sharp looking casual sneaker that could do equally well dressed up.

Koio  Capri - $248
As icy as it gets, this newcomer to the minimal sneaker crowd boasts super high-quality leather, a classic minimal design and a relatively affordable price point given the high-end materials and design.

Greats Royale - $179
E-Comm brand Greats is looking to hit that sweet spot between price and quality and they’re doing a pretty damn good job.  It’s high-quality leather and slightly sportier, court-inspired vibe hits somewhere between the Stan Smith and the Koio.

Common Projects Achilles - $415
The shoe that ushered in the minimal sneaker trend and launched a thousand imitators (and insta stories), the Achilles is the top of the mountain.  Absurdly priced but packed with impeccable materials (buttery Italian leather) and top-notch craftsmanship, these big dogs are something to aspire to.  While it’s tough to endorse a $400 price point for a sneaker, these shoes will last a long time, look magnificent, and, if you wear sneakers every day, are worthy of a dress shoe-level investment.

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