5 Things You Need To Know This Week

The Super Bowl Hangover
The Broncos are champs, but it was their aggressive, dominating D that brought home the trophy, not Manning’s heroics. Cam looked completely unsettled, so much so that ran from his own fumble, and never got the offense going. Manning was gracious and classy and it was a great final note before what’s no doubt going to be the last time we see the Hall of Famer on the field. Other, uh, highlights...two great commercials for two terrible beers, Shock Top and Bud Light, and another mediocre halftime show. (Maybe we should stop expecting it to be good?)

The Takeaway: A week of non-stop Manning and then a retirement.

A New, Smaller Iphone?
Bucking the trend, Apple might have something smaller in mind for their upcoming product launch announcement in March. 9 to 5 Mac featured leaked images of what’s being called the 5se, with a roughly 4-inch size. Maybe smaller is better?

The Takeaway: So is it going to be flatscreen tvs in our pockets or Zoolander-style tiny flip phones?

NBA All-Star Weekend
The NBA descends on The 6 this weekend for the annual festivities. Who knows how many amazing Drake gifs will come out of the events in his home city? It’s been in the works for a few years, but it’s now Saturday night’s events and the three point shootout that are now the most exciting events, not the actual All-Star Game on Sunday and the on-the-decline dunk contest. Plus, Saturday courtside is probably better than New York Fashion Week in terms of style. Does the NBA rescind Derek Fisher’s invite? Harsh.

The Takeaway: Still better than the NFL Pro Bowl. But not much…

Valentine's Day
The annual hallmark holiday is almost here? Have you bought your gift and planned a date? You’ll find us steadfastly single folks (38%) at the bar on what’s one of the best nights out of the year. Lonely hearts club? Nope. More proof? Here's a breakdown.

The Takeaway: For date ideas, recipes, and gifts that don't suck, go here. Enjoy your dates, we'll at the bar.

Happy Chinese New Year
The Year of the Monkey starts today. So...Dim Sum for lunch?

The Takeaway: Chinatowns everywhere are going off right now.

Song of the Week

Drake - Summer Sixteen

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