8 New Moves For Next-Level Style

Now that you’ve gotten your wardrobe fundamentals on track (if not, check this out) you’re probably looking to take that next step in your style game. Dont’ worry though, we’re not talking crazy Kanye-style gowns or Mugatu-inspired trash bag overcoats. Getting that next level style just requires a little bit of courage and choosing the right items. We’ve got a foolproof list of next-level style pieces that you need to own now.

1. A Stylish Backpack
Let’s face it; every guy needs to carry some type of bag. It’s hard to really move like a boss if you’re not able to swiftly transition from the office to the gym, and seamlessly finish your night at that new taco spot for dinner. The good thing is, these days backpacks are not only super functional but they’re available in a ton of stylish (and adult-ready) options. The right back back should be impeccably crafted and designed with a sleek and minimal approach. The interiors are roomy and full of pockets that are perfect for your busiest days. In addition to looking super cool, you’ll definitely appreciate the hands-free option as you’re sprinting to catch that train.

2. A Striped Sweater
Let's take a valuable style tip from our brothers across the pond and some of the most stylish men on the planet. The Parisians have successfully committed to proving to us how strong a stripped sweater can make you look. Today’s striped sweaters still pay homage to the classic Breton stripe shirt worn by the French sailors in the 1800s, which validates this item as being a closet staple. A striped sweater will certainly be a timeless piece, made to work through the changing seasons. The classic black and white stripe is essential, of course, but also look for versions in muted colors. Now’s the time for options in cotton or cotton blends, their light weight will make them perfect for layering as the weather changes from cold to cool to warm at the drop of a hat, er, sweater.

3. A Leather Cardholder
Don’t you enjoy carrying around a bulky wallet full of useless cards? (Said no one ever). We’re all for simplification and streamlining, especially in terms of what we’re carrying around, and these days, we’re favoring something functional but simple. A slim leather cardholder is the only type a wallet a guy needs to carry. They are handsome and equipped with enough slots to hold your most important cards. So cut the B/S and drop the bulky billfold for something lighter and easier to stow.

4. A New-School Bomber Jacket
The key to smoothly transitioning into this spring weather is a smart and stylish bomber jacket. Go for one that is impeccably tailored and lighter weight, it will allow you to comfortably move from day to night. Every conceivable material is available from cotton to wool, just remember to get one that fits trim but can accommodate some layering. Remember, this isn’t your grandfather’s time period, you no longer need to be a pilot to look fly in the right bomber jacket.

5. Round-Framed Sunglasses
Sometimes the best way to take your style to the next level is give it a vintage feel. A quick and affordable style upgrade, round-framed sunglasses are just what you should be wearing this Spring. Designers are pumping out these shades out in so many different styles and at all conceivable price points so you’re that you are bound to find at a pair you’ll want to rock all year ‘round. Black is classic and stylish and our favorite color is a nice tortoise shell, but if you’re really looking for some dope vibes, try a crystal or clear-grey pair with dark lenses.

6. A Denim Jacket
Despite what you may think, when done right (fit and color) the denim jacket much less cowboy and way more stylish man’s man. A good denim jacket will suit any body shape, and will only improve with age. If you already own one then purchase one in another wash or one with different hardware. Let’s face it you can never go wrong with a denim jacket. Just have some patience as you break it in and make it your own.

7. Suede Chelsea Boots
It’s time we take you footwork to the next level and a suede chelsea boot is just what you need. These supple and refined boots will have you walking like a new man and they’ll add just the right amount of stylish swagger to your favorite pair of denim or even a suit (though probably not at the office). These boots come in a variety of shades but we suggest going with a lighter tan or a darker chocolate brown for maximum impact and versatility.

8. Light Colored Denim and Chinos
The season is changing and you’re starting to feel the ease and lightness of spring. The good thing about your go-to denim and chinos these days is they’re available in just as many light colors as dark ones. Whether you’re looking at light hued denim in grey or blue or a pair of chinos in light blues and greens, they’ll instantly give you a cool and relaxed look that matches the warm weather. Plus, once those spring engagement parties and daytime wedding-related events roll around you’ll be perfectly dialed in once you’re comfortable wearing light colors. Start simple with the basics and before you know it you’ll be rocking cream-colored denim and light grey chinos with the best of ‘em.

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