Where to go on your Adult Spring Break

Sadly your college days may be over but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take a righteous Spring Break this year. Not to mention that now that you’re an “adult’ with real world responsibilities you probably need some rest and recuperation (slash drinking adventures) more than the average college kid. You deserve to be able to round up a group of buddies and head out to some exotic destination to bask in warm weather and down some cold cocktails. Whether you’re looking to star in a homemade sequel to the Hangover (we personally refuse to acknowledge Part 2 and 3 ever happened) or are just looking to escape reality for a few days, we’ve got you covered with proper adult Spring Break destinations.

Paradise Island, Bahamas
When you think of the Bahamas, Paradise Island is what you envision. This tropical island destination was revamped into a bachelor’s playground in the ‘50s and the aptly-titled getaway has gone modern, all while keepings its mellow island vibe. Now home to a host of all-inclusive resorts, such as Cain at the Cove and the One & Only Ocean Club, and the big dog, Atlantis, all of which cater to a wide variety of scenes. Walk on the white sand beaches where James Bonds have roamed or make waves at the adult-only pools. You can also hire day-boat trips that are a killer way to spend the day exploring uncharted and deserted islands so beautiful they look like screen savers. As for nightlife, picture Vegas on the beach. Try your luck at one of the island’s all-night casinos or jump behind the bar at Aura nightclub and give new meaning to the word "bottle service".

Monument Valley, AZ
Spring Break doesn’t necessarily have to mean passing out on a Mexican beach at 2pm (not that we’re not a fan of that, because we are), but a road trip to the American West is a great way to explore the outdoors with the boys and seek out adventures in Mother Nature. Located along the Arizona-Utah border on Navajo land, this private park is a national treasure, steeped with breath-taking scenery which you will instantly recognize from every Western movie you’ve seen. Ride horses through the steep sandstone valley where real cowboys and Indians roamed, hike or mountain bike through incredible trails, and pitch a tent overnight under the most mind-blowing star-filled sky you’ve ever seen.

Santa Barbara, CA
This picturesque town 2 hours north of LA packs a ton of fun into a very small footprint. It really depends what sort of scene you’re after as Santa Barbara is at the crossroads of a great college town and some of California’s best wineries. Home to one of the state’s best party schools, UCSB, Santa Barbara and Isla Vista are packed with great bars and restaurants, awesome beaches, and the aforementioned gorgeous UCSB students. Additionally, outstanding wineries just a 30-60 minute drive away make for an awesome day trip as well. Hire a limo bus, stock it with food and head out for the day, and hey, any place that calls day drinking, “tasting” is alright by us. Best yet, spring means wedding season so you’re bound to crash a gaggle of bachelorette parties.

Sosua, Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic, otherwise knowns as the “DR” (that’s Dee, Arr, not Doctor) is one of the few under-the-radar Carribbean resort towns that still have yet to be massively overrun by hotel chains and Starbucks. Known for having some of the finest beaches (even finer women) on earth, Sousa is a tiny beachside town in the Puerto Plata province has rows of adults-only hotels with names like Black Beard’s Resort. Pirate-themed vacation? Obviously we’re in. The beachside bars feature epic scenery and the ocean views ain’t so bad either. Whatever happens in the DR, stays in the DR, including maybe you, because after after a couple Santo Libres you may actually contemplate giving up everything to move down here permanently.

Charleston, SC
Okay, we get it, South Carolina doesn’t exactly conjure up thoughts of a vacation getaway, unless you’re one of those Civil War re-enactment weirdos, but take note that Charleston was voted as one of the top five singles scenes in the country. Steeped in tradition and draped in Southern Charm, Charleston is the perfect mix of small town and big city. Featuring one of the South’s best dining scenes, there’s no better place to wander around, eat, drink, and wander some more as the city streets are walkable and lined with blocks of restaurants, bars and shops. If you want to mix in some beach time, the beaches along the Atlantic Coast are not only just a short drive away, but also surfable. Finally, Charleston and it’s surrounding areas are a renowned golf destination with many of the country’s best coastal courses just minutes away.

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