App Your Way To Successful New Year's Resolutions

You know the feeling; powering through the remnants of the year, lamenting all those holiday drinks, calories, and missed workouts. Then comes the resolution making, it۪s the easy part. Sticking to them, however, that۪s another story. Thankfully, like in many other situations these days, technology has come to the rescue. Sure it might seem weird using the same device to help you stay on track with your new workout regimen that you used only weeks ago to order a double cheese pizza and some ramen at 3 am but hey, all hail Iphones. Here are all the apps you need, no matter what your resolution is, to help you stick to it. Don۪t worry, we see Postmates running in the background, we won۪t tell.

Resolution: Save more money
App: Digit
Price: Free
The easiest way to save money is to not have to think about doing it. That۪s why automated savings apps are so great. Once you sync Digit to your bank account, its algorithms take out small amounts of money for you every few days. You can easily track how often it withdraws, and if you think you۪re saving too little or too much, you can adjust. Need the money? It only takes a business day or two for it to be back in your account. Available on iOS and Android.

Resolution: Fitness / Running
App: Couch to 5K
Price: $1.99
The app market is flooded with fitness and workout trackers, but none of them can actually make you get moving. Couch to 5K can۪t either, but the motivation here is working toward a definite goal, even if you don۪t ever plan to actually run a 5K. For just 20-30 minutes a day, three times a week the app will train you to be a runner in nine weeks if you stick to it. Available on iOS and Android.

Resolution: Form a good habit
App: Streaks
Price: $3.99
According to many studies, it can take more than two months to form a new habit. Streaks lets you keep track of up to six tasks you want to do until they become a regular part of your lifestyle. Whether you want to put more time in with a hobby, take a break from your devices, or stick to a workout schedule, Streaks gives you a way to do it, and see your performance over time. Available on iOS and Android.

Resolution: Learn a new language
App: Duolingo
Price: Free
Picking up a new language can be good for travel plans, adding a new skill to a resume, or just trying to impress chicks. Language programs are pricey, though, and you usually have to keep buying them as you advance. They۪re also boring because you۪re just repeating what you hear. Duolingo changes all that with an interactive app that treats language learning like a game with quick lessons. You have a bunch of languages to choose from and you can set your own pace. Duolingo will even nudge you with notifications when you start slacking. Available on iOS and Android.

Resolution: Clear your inbox
App: Spark
Price: Free
Getting to inbox zero is a really underrated resolution. There۪s something amazing about not having a bunch of emails waiting for you and an inbox that stretches on for multiple pages. Spark promises you۪ll love your email again (highly optimistic) because it categorizes them as personal, notification, and newsletter, and makes sure you get to those personal ones first. Its interface is simple, too: you can perform functions like archive and delete with quick swipes. You can also set notifications for only the emails that matter to you and snooze things you don۪t really care about. IOS only.

Resolution: Sleep more / Better
App: Pillow
Price: Free, with in-app purchases
Everyone knows getting proper rest is as critical to your diet and fitness as eating a shitload of kale and going to spin class. Even if you don۪t have a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, you can still keep track of how much sleep you۪re getting. Pillow monitors your tossing and turning, and shows you what۪s going on during different parts of your sleep cycle. It can even record whether you۪re snoring. You can log info about your daily lifestyle to see what might be impacting your rest. Pillow can suggest the optimal wake-up time for you based on your sleep data, too. IOS only.

Resolution: Fitness / Weights
App: Jetfit Workout
Price: Free, Pro Version $4.99
If your fitness goals in 2020 revolve more around hitting the weights and getting swol, you're probably going to need a simple tracker for managing your weights, reps, and gains, so you can gauge your progress. Jetfit is just the organizer you need. By blending simple workout tracking with an easy-to-use app feature set, Jetfit is going to change the way you track your workouts. It also allows you to create simple, easy-to-execute workout plans based on your goals and progress. Available on iOS and Android.

Resolution: Eat healthier
App: Fooducate
Price: Free, with in-app purchases
Yeah, yeah, we feel you. Maybe the lamest/most overrated resolution. But stick with us, you can do it. Half the battle of eating healthy is just understanding the freakin۪ Sanskrit that۪s the actual nutrition label, because sometimes what the manufacturer says on the front about health doesn۪t quite match what۪s in the ingredients. Fooducate lets you scan the barcode of any packaged food (or enter the name if it۪s a fruit or vegetable) and gives you straightforward facts about its nutritional content. It even rates it with a grade from A to D and lets you do side-by-side comparisons. Sorry though, it۪s not going to cook that veggie stir fry for you. Available on iOS and Android.

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