The Best Bar and Drink Gifts of the Season

One of the real achievements of manhood is building a great home bar. Whether you stock whiskeys, cocktail ingredients, or a few bare essentials to entertain a few guests, having the right tools of the trade are of great importance. It’s not just about looks though. Sure, a great bar should look, well, great, with well-designed accessories and tools, but each should also function at the highest level of quality. The end result? Better drinks, a better time, and obviously, more fun. Here are our favorites of the season:

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses (From $9)
Those whiskey glasses everyone’s always talking about? They’re right here. The Glencairn is the ultimate achievement in whiskey tasting, for everything from rare bourbons to high-end single malts. Feel free to have them monogrammed, too, for an added touch.

Plum Cocktail Shaker ($135)
A good cocktail shaker will stand up to wear and tear. But a great one, like this Plum Cocktail shaker from Tom Dixon, with look good even when it’s not being gyrated about. The Plum not only boasts sharp looks, it's innovative design makes a great shake easier than ever.

Rabbit Growler ($25)
Yup, we all love trying new craft beer, but taking away more than a bottle from the smaller breweries can be a hassle. Double the hassle if it's homebrewing. A simple, stylish growler is all you need for easy access to all of your favorite local brews.

Titanium Funnel Flask ($75)
Sure, you might have a few flasks already, and most of them are pretty similiar. But the Titanium Funnel Flask from Vargo is better than those flasks for two reasons: the funnel comes with (easy pouring) and a durable, dent resistant construction. Now sneaking the booze into whereever you are going is another matter entirely.

Leopold Jigger ($19)
A quality jigger will save the cocktail lover time in measuring and mixing. A good looking, quality jigger, like the Leopold Gold-Plated one, will do all of that plus it will look exceptional sitting on the bar cart in between.

Yarai Mixing Glass ($33)
Stirring cocktails isn’t just about keeping ice from breaking: it’s about preserving the beautiful color of spirits in cocktails and ensuring proper dilution. Both well-designed and beautiful, the Yarai Mixing Glass is one of the go-tos for the some of the best mixologists in the business.

Neat Ice Kit ($60)
Any decent bartender can tell you all about the importance of great booze and good technique. A great one will also tell you about the importance of the ice he serves it over. Whether you're mixing up old fashioneds and manhattans or just serving whiskey on the rocks, this simple kit lets you hand-cut clear ice with a simple, easy-to-use device.

The Oak Bottle ($80)
Aging cocktails has taken the mixology world by storm. By adding time in barrel, you can add unique flavors to cocktails and create one-of-a-kind drinks, all on your own. The Oak Bottle system makes it easy to experiment with everything from the comfort of your own home bar.

Riedel Wine Glasses (From $24)
Whether or not you're a big wine drinker, serving some red in a plastic cup isn't going to impress anyone. That's why proper wine glasses are something every man should have on hand. From champagne flutes to red wine vessels, Riedel is the ultimate wine glassmaker, so feel free to choose within their extensive collection.

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