The Best Bourbon For Your Buck

Ah bourbon, the backbone of the cocktail universe and one of the most delicious libations on planet Earth. It is both the drink of our gentlemanly forefathers and on every thoughtfully arranged modern cocktail list. But, navigating the tricky and often costly world of bourbon doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re building a home selection or looking for a new drink at your local institution, we’ve got suggestions that are not only tasty but money well spent. It’s time to take a step up from that bottle of Jack. Belly up to the bar gentlemen…

These selections are readily available and can be found wherever finer spirits and wines are sold.

Four Roses Yellow Label (appx $20) - The perfect introductory bourbon, Four Roses Yellow is a smooth sipper and a terrific mixer. There’s no shame in mixing this one with ginger ale and getting after it.

Bulleit Bourbon (appx $23) - Our go-to for any bourbon cocktail, Bulleit owes its warm, spicy flavor to its higher rye content. This added body and spice make it perfect when mixed with ginger beer or stirred up for the perfect Manhattan.

Elijah Craig 12 Yr (appx $25) - Easily as good as whiskeys twice the price, this rich and complexly flavored bourbon is perfect on the rocks or with a splash of water. That being said, its kind price won’t make you feel bad about making an old fashioned with it either.

Eagle Rare (appx $30) - Another outstanding bourbon, you won’t believe how good this multiple award winner is for the money. It’s sweet, caramel-like flavor make drinking it neat or on the rocks the perfect way to end a tough week. Try an old fashioned with it using a citrus flavored bitters like Peychauds for an interesting twist.

Blanton’s (appx $45-$50) - The perfect tipple when it’s time to bring out the big guns. The Blanton family has been making whiskey since before the Civil War and the experience shows. This masterful whiskey isn’t cheap but it’s worth every penny. Like drinking spicy maple syrup, it’s massive flavor will change the way you think about bourbon. Neat or with one or two rocks please, this one is meant to be savored like a gentleman.

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