Best Dressed: Academy Awards 2017

The Hollywood awards season roadshow concluded (mercifully?) last night with the big dog of red carpet fashion, the Academy Awards.  Sure, the Best Picture flub dominated twitter feeds (and the meme generation) but the award show swag was definitely in full effect too.  Like the Golden Globes, Oscar black tie has ascended to new heights, embracing bolder colors, retro details, and statements of personality.  Once again, here’s our favorites from another great night of red carpet style.

Andrew Garfield
At this point, Tom Ford could dress a man in a garbage bag and duct tape suit and it’d probably look f-ing amazing, and Garfield’s carpet ensemble is just another example of Ford’s impeccable magic.  Garfield nails every single detail here, from the razor sharp fit to the perfect hem height and spot-on proportions of the wide but not-too-wide peak lapels.  That bit of extra shirt cuff shown at the sleeve and the slick, grosgrain-accented loafers were the perfect finishing touch of swag that brought everything together.

Mahershala Ali
Let’s face it, all-black everything (especially a three-piece) is really hard to pull off and not look like a mobster who’s trying to hard.  But last night Ali proved that his award-winning skills extend to style as well as acting.  What really kept this look in stylish territory (and not costume territory) were the impeccably-handled subtle details.  The fit, hem length, and proportions of this Zegna tux were all in perfect harmony, as was the mix of texture and shine.  Finally, the slight bit of pattern from a graphic pocket square set everything off and prevented it from looking too monolithic.

Riz Ahmed
Blue tuxes continued their awards show dominance last night with many outstanding examples, (Chris Evans and Ben Affleck being among the best), but the Rogue One star took it to another level.  Ahmed outdid his compatriots with a Zegna tux that was a bold, dusty cobalt blue with matching accessories.  Because the rest of the suit details were slim and subdued and he set it off with a simple crisp white shirt, the color didn’t feel overwhelming.  It's clear proof that even the boldest colors can look stylish and appropriate in black tie settings.

Ryan Gosling
File Gosling in the John Legend category of dudes we are just starting to hate at this point.  I mean, he’s suave, handsome, super stylish, and, by all accounts, just a nice guy.  In terms of red carpet style, nobody makes smooth and dapper look as easy as Gosling does, and last night was no exception.  I mean, he made a freakin' ruffled shirt look cool modern for god sakes.  Continuing his season of throwback vibes, Gosling channeled a bit of the 70’s with velvet accents on a shawl collar, a velvet bow tie, and the aforementioned ruffled tux shirt.  It could have gone horribly wrong in so many ways, but the slim fit and proportions with a simple black and white palette kept everything in check.  We've said it before but, if you want to see what effortless looks like, this is it.

Lucas Hedges
This young buck and breakout co-star of “Manchester By The Sea” proved that even though it was his first Oscars, he had the big-league style of a veteran.  His peak lapel Dior suit struck the perfect balance of slim but not-too-slim in both fit and proportions (we’ve been talking a lot about proportions haven’t we?) and it had just enough of a stylish edge to match his age without feeling stuffy. Look out for this guy in the future, he's on the come up for sure.

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