Best Dressed: Golden Globes 2017

Award season kicked off last night with its first major soiree, the 74th annual Golden Globes. The champagne and Trump burns flowed freely as Hollywood congratulated itself on another year of success, and speaking of success, the GG tux game was again on point this year. While a well-groomed beard seemed to be the accessory of choice, bold tuxedo choices, from DB۪s to wide lapels, ruled the carpet this year. There's a reason you saw so much Gucci and Tom Ford, swag is back baby! Here۪s the best of the best.


Ryan Gosling
Riffing off La La Land۪s throwback vibes, Gosling absolutely crushed this impeccable white dinner jacket ensemble from Gucci. From the crisp contrast to the perfect tailoring and a little dose of red as the perfect finishing touch, the Best Actor winner looked suave-as-hell. You always hear weird things like old Hollywood glamour۝ and classic۝ when describing well-styled tuxedos, but what the hell does that even look like really? This, it looks like this.

Justin Timberlake
Also going the two-tone, dinner jacket route, JT looked incredibly dapper in a grey patterned Tom Ford version. The subtle pattern and color played well with the retro shawl collar, giving it that same throwback vibe that many of the evening۪s best looks had. Obviously having Jessica Biel on your arm doesn۪t hurt either.

Donald Glover
Just as Glover۪s amazing show was well-deserving of it۪s two awards last night, Gambino۪s impeccable swag is well-deserving of all the style accolades he۪s racking up. Sure, on paper brown crushed velvet tuxedo۝ sounds like a ridiculous idea, but in person, his Gucci (sensing a pattern here?) number was as fly as formal can get. Yes, this was a bold, bold version of a tuxedo, but the dead-on fit and simple accessories made sure it was stylish without being too over-the-top.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Speaking of velvet, here۪s another example of how, when done right, it can be incredibly stylish without veering into costume territory. Obviously, it helps when the director of the movie you۪re in is DA GAWD Tom Ford, but Taylor-Johnson۪s black velvet/wide lapel move shows that sometimes a brash, more-is-more attitude works. Also, it was nice to see a bigger, fitter guy wearing an aggressively-styled tux. The takeaway here is, if your fit is on point, swag works just as well for bigger guys as it does with smaller ones.

Chris Pine, Tom Hiddleston, and Eddie Redmayne
As stylish a power move as one can get, the double-breasted jacket is still making waves these days. What we loved was how each gent wore the DB in a slightly different way, matching their widely varying body types. The tall and lean Hiddleston kept his peak number in perfect proportion with his frame, while Chris Pine accentuated his average frame and build with a wider lapel and a very dope short hem and loafer combo. Finally, Redmayne wore a trimmer, more fashion-forward version that worked well with his smaller size and slighter build. Just like Aaron Taylor-Johnson did, these three fellas proved that if your tailoring is locked in and razor sharp, bold choices can take your tux or suit style to the next-level, no matter what size or shape you are.


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