Best Dressed: Grammys 2017

So-called “Music’s Biggest Night”, The Grammy’s went live this past Sunday night.  Though it falls in the traditional awards show circuit, from a style perspective, The Grammys are always a wild card.  Whether from the crowd of musicians and rebels, the no-doubt copious amounts of drugs, free spirits, or the general “no fucks” attitude, Grammy style is always a wild trip.  The range on the red carpet this year was all over the map, but plenty of style MVPs and up and comers threw down hard.  Let’s take a look at the winners.

John Legend
TBH, we kind of hate John Legend at this point.  He’s always super stylish, has an incredibly hot model wife, is crazy talented; I mean what can’t this dude do.  He proved his style cred once again on Sunday when he opted for a classic, black Gucci suit but threw in a twist with a cool, monochromatic salmon-colored shirt and bow tie combo.  Having Chrissy Teigen on your arm definitely doesn’t hurt either.

Lil Yachty
In perhaps the wildest combo of the night, your boy Yachty went in basically the opposite direction you’d expect, full-on classic tux.  He was almost Gosling-esque in his super cool white dinner jacket and exaggerated bow tie combo and he nailed all the details, from the perfect shawl collar to the short hem and slick loafers.  If anything, Yachty knows this important fact: just let the geniuses at Gucci dress you and you’ll always be in great shape.  Plus you can basically throw in any colorful grill you've got and it's still gonna work.

Speaking of tuxedos, super producer and DJ Diplo proved that a tux doesn’t always have to look like a tux.  Rocking a charcoal shawl version and pairing it with a layered sweater and no tie gave the whole look a slightly dressed-down vibe that made it feel relaxed and modern.

Jason Derulo
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Derulo went full maximalist and took his swag totally over the top in the best possible way with an aggressive coat.  Now not every guy can pull off a fur-accented overcoat with a tuxedo, but Derulo’s obviously got the kind of confidence that can.  The rest of his tux was classic three-piece but the addition of the coat proves that something as simple as adding a bold final detail can take your look to the next level.

Honorable Mention: Cee Lo
I mean, what can you say about Cee Lo’s display of ridiculousness, it was breathtaking.  Dude was out here just wildin’ in head to toe gold silk complete with what can only be described as a James Bond villain-style mask.  Who knows what the hell was going on with this but you gotta respect his complete and total lack of fucks to give.

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