The Best Dressed NCAA Basketball Coaches

It’s a glorious time of year; the weather is warming and the no-holds-barred, work-avoiding, midday-drinking Madness of March has descended upon us once again.  While the college hoops game doesn’t boast the uber fashion-forward rep that the pro game does, you’ve still got a number of super stylish gentlemen leading the game from the sidelines.  Here’s the best of the best; suit up boys, it’s game time.

1. Jay Wright  - Villanova
“GQ Jay” has set a new standard for sideline suit-wearing in the college game, and while we can’t prove it, we’re pretty sure his next-level custom game had to have had something to do with Villanova’s 2016 title run.  The ease with which he rocks a pinstripe three piece while simultaneously yelling at a ref about a bullshit traveling call is truly awe-inspiring.  Wright’s game is so strong there’s even a twitter account (@JayWrightsSuit) dedicated to his sartorial success.

2. Rick Pitino - Louisville
Like a slick mafia consiglieri, Ricky P knows his way around around a set of pinstripes.  An OG of the game, Pitino has been crushing sideline style since his days at Kentucky in the late 80’s.  Unafraid of the color wheel, he often sports bold tie and pocket square combos to go along with his contrasting-collar dress shirts.

3. Roy Williams - North Carolina
Williams success as a coach is matched only by his sideline swag.  Dude is NOT afraid of rocking bold patterns and ever since he took the reigns at Tobacco Road, it’s been steez as far as the eye can see.  Whether it’s his samurai-level mastery of paisley, aggressive pattern mixing, or boldly checked blazers, Williams proves that sometimes it IS about how good you look doing it.

4. John Calipari - Kentucky
When you’re the face of what is consistently one of the top programs year in and year out you’ve got to look the part, and Calipari does it incredibly well.  Like an influential Wall Street banker, Calipari’s power suits announce his confidence and presence from his sidelines like a megaphone and dammit if he doesn’t make that Kentucky blue look insanely good.

5. Mike Krzyzewski - Duke
Hate all you want (and we know you will) but Coach K can school your style game just as easily as he can your so-called fast break offense.  Like a stately corporate CEO, Coach K isn’t flashy, but his suit game hums like a well-oiled machine.  The colors match, the accessories are on point, and he always looks sharp.

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