These Rookies Killed NFL Draft Day Style

We’ve come a hell of a long way in terms of Draft Day style, (Keyshawn Johnson’s cream-colored whatever the hell that was anyone?)  Ok, fine, maybe Zeke Elliot’s ridiculous crop top set us back a bit, but these days the style competition in the draft green room rivals the ferocity of the team-by-team draft action.  As the lights popped and the picks dropped at the 2017 NFL Draft this past weekend you had a ton of sharply dressed, future millionaires stunting all over the Philly stage; here’s our style all-star team.

Solomon Thomas - San Francisco 49ers
Thomas put on a masterclass on wearing a bold blue suit.  In addition to being tailored to perfection, it had the perfect complements, a sharp blue shirt and equally bold purple tie.  This is how you wear color like a future Hall of Famer.

Corey Davis - Tennessee Titans
While the idea of wearing a bright pink blazer may seem ridiculous on the surface, Davis absolutely killed it in this blazer/dress pants combo.  Yeah, that blazer is speaking pretty loudly, but the rest of it - crisp white shirt, navy slacks, coordinating tie - was low-key enough to create balance.  The higher hem and slick loafers were the perfect finishing touches.

Haason Reddick - Arizona Cardinals
Working a retro-looking shawl collar, dinner jacket vibe, Reddick looked like a modern-day Sammy Davis Jr.  Just like Corey Davis did so well, Reddick let one bold item drive the whole look and kept the rest of it on the chill side.  While the matching tie and pocket square was probably overkill, the splash of red was a great accent to an otherwise elegant color palette.

Marshon Lattimore - Saints
 future Saints DB crushed the bold blue suit just like Solomon Thomas but in a completely different (but no less awesome) way.  Lattimore went the minimal route by pairing it with a crisp white shirt, black knit tie, and sharp black shoes.  It just goes to show how killer something simple can look when done there the right way.

Jamal Adams - NY Jets
It takes a hell of a lot of confidence to wear a white suit, and even more when it’s a double-breasted, windowpane white suit, but the brand-new Jets safety absolutely knocked it out of the park.  Dropping the tie, taking down a button on the shirt, and wearing a more casual shoe were the perfect moves to add a bit of a relaxed vibe to something this aggressive.  Hell, if the Jets play even half as good as Adams looked they’re looking at a solid playoff run.  Don’t count on that though.

Adoree’ Jackson - Tennessee Titans
Upping their stock with not one but two first round talents, Jackson helped the Titans earned some extra style points with the perfect execution of his tan suit.  With its perfect spring/summer shade of tan and crisp shirt/awesome green knit tie combo, this is exactly how you want to look at your next spring or summer wedding.

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