The Best Fitness Channels On Youtube

Thanks to YouTube, a lot of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts are offering up their favorite exercises to do at home or the gym for free. Whether you’re bored of your current routine or just looking to (re)start one, here are a few of our favorite workout channels that are going to help kick your ass right into shape.

Men's Fitness
There’s something for everyone, no matter your fitness aspirations, on the Men’s Fitness channel. The workouts are well organized and divided into sections, like the 21-Day Shred program, quick workouts, and the Redemption Workout, for anyone who has gotten off track (it happens, Rome wasn’t built in a day, either). The downside is that the videos are really short, but you do get the names of the moves, previews of each exercise, and how many reps to do in a set. Utilizing the channel will take a bit of organization on your part but your efforts will be rewarded.

Chris Jones’s channel offers what personal trainers charge a lot of money for, but he just really loves motivating other people to get in the gym. With over two hundred videos on how to perform basic exercises, fan Q&As, and advice on eating out when you’re trying to be healthier, it’s a good place to start for someone who is new to fitness or for those who are looking to take a casual routine to the next level.

Six Pack Shortcuts
Six Pack Shortcuts sounds like something you’d come across on TV late at night as you were fighting insomnia, but this channel is the real deal if you’re hoping to get your abs right. Dating back to 2009, Six Pack Shortcuts has tons of core routines for you to do in about half an hour or less – with or without going to the gym. Also, because you have to build abs in the kitchen, this channel shows you how to cut back on the foods that are sabotaging all your hard work. Six Pack Shortcuts expanded beyond abs over time, but the videos from the early years are definitely worth looking up.

Men's Health
Like Men’s Fitness, the workouts on the Men’s Health channel are broken down into different sections, and you’re guided through the moves in short videos. However, they also include explainers, so that you nail the correct form and understand how each exercise improves your strength. Highlights of this channel include daily challenges and the pairing of meal plans with certain workouts.

Workout equipment and gym memberships aren’t usually cheap, and the team at Barstarzz will show you why you don’t even need either of them to get into shape. They can turn almost any outdoor space into a personal gym with intense calisthenics and bodyweight training. Perfect for those who like to work out at home or for those road warriors looking for easy workouts to do while traveling, these workouts will completely change your mind if you’ve always thought the only way to get ripped was using weights.

Buff Dudes
Let’s be honest: working out isn’t really all that fun, and brothers Brandon and Hudson White get that, so they strive to make their YouTube channel as entertaining as possible with their well-produced videos. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they’ve acquired a huge following with this laidback approach to getting fit (nearly all their videos have over 100,000 views). Buff Dudes, where ‘buff’ is really an acronym for Better Understanding of Food and Fitness and not meant to remind you that they’re in way better shape than everyone, will take you through tough lifting workouts and intense cardio routines, hook you up with healthy recipes, and teach you a little bit about the various muscles you’re trying to pump up.

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