The Download: The Best On-Demand Apps

A wise man once said “If you can dream it, you can get it delivered to you within an hour after ordering it on an app.” Ok, maybe not, but every app entrepreneur from Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach dreams of being the next on-demand app superstar. These multi-billion dollar companies’ meteoric rise has introduced the world to an on-demand economy, where you can get almost anything from anyone with the press of a button. The result? Everything from food to cars to fitness and more are just a swipe and button-press away. We tried to see if we could do everything via on-demand apps and with this list you can come pretty damn close.

If there’s a higher, more noble use of technology than on-demand booze delivery we don’t know what it is. What’s the worst part of hosting a party? Well, besides kicking out that rando who passed out on the couch, it’s picking up booze mid-party when your Travis Scott jam just dropped. Drizly bills itself as “Amazon for alcohol,” and covers more than a dozen cities nationwide. They even have drivers use forensic ID verification technology to keep things on the real. Saucey on the other hand has been billed as the “Uber for alcohol” in that it hires local drivers to do the deliveries and their prices reflect the total delivery fee, tax, and tip. Not only do they offer weekly package specials, which has included a real-life mixologist, they also donate a percentage of every sale to nonprofit Charity Water, which is a great conversation starter, “Let’s do this Fireball shot… for the kids.”

There’s no more dear friend to a stapled-to-the-couch-level hangover than the wealth of food delivery apps now on the market. From a grilled cheese to Thai noodles, Postmates and Seamless are our go-tos for nearly anything you’re in the mood for, but there are newer apps like Caviar, that also partners with high-to-low end restaurants in metro areas (Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc) that don’t deliver. The prices are marked up (for the delivery charge), but you can conveniently schedule it for any time/day of the week if you’ve got any sort of organization in your life. If you’re an adventurous eater, you will never have to eat alone again thanks to Eatwith, which bills itself as “a global community that lets you enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people's homes.” It’s basically a pop-up dinner meets blind date mash-up that’s ideal for travelers, adventurers and dinner party crashers.

Stop wasting time looking for parking spots and use Luxe, which gives you a personal valet to park your car and then return it to you. They also offer additional services (car wash, oil change, gas fill-ups) to make maximum use of your time. Let’s face it, we all hate laundry and dealing with the dry cleaners is the absolute worst, so join us in thanking the heavens for Washio. The app dispatches laundry "ninjas" who pick up customers' dirty clothes and handle the laundering or dry cleaning in record time. For us busy dog-owners we may not always have enough time to give our pooches the walks they deserve, especially if we’re at the office all day. Luckily there’s Wag, an app that provides on-demand, pre-screened dog walkers which you can track in real-time on your phone. Give Brian the dog that run in the park he deserves.

Man cannot live on food and booze alone (Editor’s Note: We disagree), so there’s Priv which offers a variety of health and wellness services (massages, grooming, athletic trainers) delivered to your door. Their recently launched men’s grooming services includes mustache and beard trimming and styling, straight shaves, haircuts and the self-explanatory MENicure. Zeel offers on-demand massages (deep tissue, Swedish, even couples) at your home, hotel, or workplace in as little as an hour. Just hold the “happy ending jokes”, these are trained professionals.

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