Think Inside The Box: Our Favorite Subscription Boxes

Among the many, many glorious things that the interwebz affords us these days (food delivery on demand, all the music in history, ever, a personal tour guide, etc), shopping is continually getting easier and easier. In fact, even discovering and trying out a wide range of new products has become no tougher than simply receiving a package. Seemingly there’s a new box-of-the-month club every, well, month, but the great thing is though, you’ve got access to a ton of dope stuff you want to try (and some you’ve maybe never heard of) all at an extremely affordable cost. Besides your credit card, all you need to subscribe is to answer some questions about your tastes and preferences and the company will try to match them. We took a few deliveries and tried a bunch of stuff (so you don’t have to) and rounded up the best of the best. These are the subscription boxes we think are worth your attention.

Birchbox Man

Price: $20 a month

For those who are getting their grooming routine dialed in, Birchbox Man is the best way to get a customized assortment of top-shelf grooming samples each month. The picks are tailored just for you and can include cologne, beard wash, and shaving cream. Birchman also slips in a bonus gadget or accessory, like socks or earbuds, for free. The company also sells full-sized versions of all the products they send to you on their site so if you love something you received you can always order more.

What's In The Box: 3-4 grooming samples plus a stylish gadget or accessory like a handkerchief.


Price: $25-$28 a month

"Sprezzatura" is an Italian word for those who dress with personality. Sprezzabox is a unique monthly box that includes a curated selection of unique items that are designed to help you take your style to the next level. These are touches like neckties, socks, and pocket squares that will bring your whole look together. Each month, Sprezzabox will handpick 5-6 different products for only $25 a month. This is a great box because, at an affordable price, you’ll be able to add personality to your outfit and end up looking distinctive.

What's In The Box: A recent box called “The Hamilton” featured a necktie, a wallet, socks, collar stays, and a grooming product.


Price: $75

Mantry, the #1 monthly food subscription box for men, contains six artisanal food products curated just for you. At $75, it’s a bit pricey, but everything you get is of the highest quality. You’ll receive hand-crafted food from across the country, not big name products that are sold at the supermarket. Even the box—a crate made out of real wood—has a sturdy, high-quality heft, as well as a vintage and rustic feel.

What’s in the box: A recent box called “Bourbon BBQ” contained a skillet bacon spread, Vermont smoke and cured pepperoni, and a artisanal BBQ sauce.

Bespoke Post

Price: $45 per month (with an option to skip)

Bespoke Post offers “themed” boxes each month that are first approved by you via an email. You can choose to buy that box, swap out for another one, or just skip it without charge. Past boxes have included kitted-out kitchen box, a box of cocktail-related goods, and on called the “Weekender” that consisted entirely of a fashionable weekend travel bag. The great thing about Bespoke Post is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you like coffee or the outdoors, you’ll find a box that caters to your lifestyle. From cooking sauces and spices to moisturizers and sunglasses, you’ll be amazed by the thoughtfully curated boxes you receive each month.

What's In The Box: Carefully curated goods based around themes that change every month.

Scentbird Men

Price: $14.95 per month

Scentbird sends subscribers new designer colognes every month from its collection of over 100 scents. After you build a “scent profile,” the colognes sent to you are tailored to your preferences. The subscription box is so heavily personalized that you probably won’t regret what you get. You can build a queue of colognes you’d like to get or you can let Scentbird do its work, which is cool because then you’ll be surprised each month. The colognes come to you in 8 ml spray bottles. The monthly subscription is quite nominal given the list of expensive designer brands offered each month.

What's In The Box: One 8 ml spray atomizer of 100% authentic cologne.


Price: Varies depending on coffee choices

Tell Mistobox your coffee preferences and a curator will select coffees that match your needs from amazing roasters. The coffee that you receive is always within three days of having been roasted (the most important factor in a good cup). You can have a box of samples sent to you (each are 3-ounce packages) or you can select one 12-ounce artisanal brew per month. Boxes range from $13 to $22, and you can set price tiers depending on what you want to spend and how often you want deliveries. Mistobox is a great way to discover unique, small-batch roasters and experience some of the best coffee that’s typically only available in smaller, local areas.

What's In The Box: Coffee samples or one brand of coffee to last you a month.

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