The Best Random Tech You Never Knew You Needed

Do we really need to splurge on every tech product that hits the market? Hell no. Okay, well maybe, because even the most eccentric gadgets are fun to play with, cool to look and at the very least give you bragging rights. If you’re looking to splurge on the latest tech toy, or maybe something you had no idea even existed, and above all, stunt on your tech-loving friends, we’ve got you covered with some of the dopest tech you may or may not need.

Party On The Go ($65)
Mason jars weren’t only made for storing jelly and drinking craft cocktails at backyard hipster weddings. This mason jar was MacGyver’ed to include a music speaker that you can turn up while getting turnt up. Created by Adam Wegener and Ron Sloat, the Mason Jar Speaker and Amplifier, connects to your smartphone, allowing you to get the party started with touch of a button after one too many Moscow Mules.

Slingbox ($150-$250)
When you finally give your couch a break,and decide to head out into civilization, you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite shows or the big game. With Slingbox, you can watch all of your live or pre-recorded must-watch content straight from your mobile device or laptop. All you need is a Wi-Fi signal to stream the latest Sportscenter highlights or that last “Making of a Murderer” episode.

This Book Is A Camera ($29)
No one reads anymore, but they do take selfies. This book is a camera is exactly that, a book that’s a camera. Now, this may seem a little creepy (aren’t all pop-up books?), but if you’re looking for an unconventional way to take pictures and fancy yourself a bit of a voyeur, this camera book was made for you. The 4x5” camera is concealed within the pages of the book includes a lightproof bag, five sheets of photo-paper “film” and photo development instructions. Exceedingly simple but incredibly addictive.

Ring Zero ($150)
This may look like a clunky piece of jewelry, but the Ring Zero is actually a crazy magic wand, literally. With just a point of your finger, you can open your curtains, turn on your radio or flip on your flat-screen, or deliver a tablet-based presentation. The $150 technological wonder can be programmed and customized to perform a series of commands inside and outside of the home. Now, if they only had a “get beer from fridge command”. Let's hope they're working on it.

Petcube (starting at $199)
You'll never have to worry about what your best bud is doing while you’re slaving away at your 9-5. The Petcube device is essentially a video camera that you can set up in your pad to keep an eye on your furry pal. A video stream complete with sound and voice capabilities is streamed to your smartphone so you can make sure they stay off the couch. Just make sure your boss isn’t around when you’re using your dog voice though.

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