James Bond's Best Gadgets

As James Bond suits up for his 24th movie, Spectre, we’re gonna take a look back at his coolest gadgets. Thus far, Daniel Craig’s Bond has played it pretty low-key, relying on fists of fury and exceptionally tailored suits rather than the more traditional high-tech toys to get him out of most jams. But despite the minimal, throwback gadget vibes in Skyfall, Q’s cameo gives us hope that we might see some more of the ingenious inventions that we’ve been thirsting over this last half-century. We hope to see a return of the impossibly awesome gadgets like the Lotus Submarine in “The Spy Who Loved Me” or the X-Ray Shades in “The World Is Not Enough” or even the swallowing sofa from “Ikea,” sorry, “The Living Daylights,” okay, maybe not that one, but you get the point.

Jet Pack - Thunderball
Leave it to James Bond to fulfill every man’s fantasy with a friggin’ jet pack. Halle Berry, Ursula Andress and the Aston Martin weren’t enough for you?! The rocket-propulsion, military-grade jet pack used in the film was real, not that fugazi water one you see sputtering around the local watering hole. Sure, it had a flight time of about 20 seconds, but that was back in the 1950s. If Wiz Khalifa can have a hover-board we should be able to own a jet pack. Make it happen Elon Musk.

Rolex Submariner - Live and Let Die
Watches have been a big part of the Bond look that goes back to Ian Fleming’s novels, when the secret agent wore a Rolex. The early movies kept to the source material with a highly-modified Rolex Submariner that not only had a built-in buzzsaw (for when Bond was tied up - not the good kind), but was also electromagnetic, meaning that it could stop bullets as well as unzip the back of a Bond Girl’s gown. Q’yeezy, you did it again, you a genius!!!

The Invisible Aston Martin Vanquish - Die Another Day
Bond has had the distinct pleasure of driving a litany of badass rides throughout the ages, (as we mentioned, that Submarine Lotus was very hard to top) but perhaps none finer than the armed-to-the-teeth, invisibility-capable Vanquish that Pierce Brosnan drove in Die Another Day. That badboy was put to the test in a full-tilt chase and battle over the frozen tundra and still looked crisp enough to roll right up to that black tie party at the gigantic frozen castle without missing a beat.

Shooting Cigarettes “You Only Live Twice”
Lesson kids. Real super spies smoke cigarettes not vapes. Plus, let these deadly jet-powered projectiles teach you a valuable lesson. Smoking kills, even if you look good doing it. Who gots the lighter?

Ghetto Blaster - The Living Daylights
A movie franchise that’s as subtle as Pussy Galore introduced this rocket launcher in one of Bond’s trademark tours through Q’s comically insane workstation. Sadly, this Boom Box wasn’t used in the field, but real world Bluetooth speaker boxes give us hope to see a modern version, titled iBomb.

Little Nellie - You Only Live Twice
Based on a modified Wallis WA-116 Agile, this single-seat British autogyro is as light and fast as a drone, but you can fly it yourself, from the cockpit, not a remote control. Designed by WWII hero, Ken Wallis, who also flew the stunts in the movie, these real-life rotorcrafts were sold (in limited quantities) to the public, without the machine guns, rockets and infrared missiles, of course (and also unfortunately).

Crocodile Submarine - Octopussy
This ridiculous submersible escape vehicle is more gag than gadget, but the shameless look on Roger Moore’s face when the mechanical jaws open is priceless. Sure, these 80’s Bond satires may have jumped the shark (or in this case the crocodile), but that’s what has made this long-running franchise so fun and memorable. Remember that Daniel. You get to wear custom suits, drive fast cars, sleep with hot chicks AND save the world. It’s okay to smile, bruh. You may have a license to kill, but it’s okay to chill. You’re 007.

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