The Boozy Gift Guide

Just because you drink all year doesn۪t mean you can۪t give (or more importantly, get) great alcohol-related gifts at Christmas. In fact, it means you definitely should. We did the research, drank the drinks and here۪s our favorites of the year, cheers!

W&P Design۪s Carry-On Cocktail Kit $24
The skies just got a little friendlier thanks to these awesome cocktail kits that let you play bartender at 30,000 feet. (It doesn۪t include alcohol, but you can buy that on the plane.) Each one comes with enough ingredients to make two drinks that are gonna be a whole hell of a lot better than some bushleague vodka soda from that weird cart.

Neat Ice Kit - $60
Any decent bartender can tell you all about the importance of great booze and good technique. A great one will also tell you about the importance of the ice he serves it over. Whether you're mixing up old fashioneds and manhattans or just serving whiskey on the rocks, this simple kit lets you hand-cut clear ice with a simple, easy-to-use device.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses - From $9
Those whiskey glasses everyone۪s always talking about? They۪re right here. The Glencairn is the ultimate achievement in whiskey tasting, for everything from rare bourbons to high-end single malts. Feel free to have them monogrammed, too, for an added touch.

Deco Salt Shot Glasses $19 for a set of four
Some geniuses (no sarcasm) came up with shot glasses made of salt for your tequila. You۪re probably wondering why you didn۪t think of it first. Crafted from Himalayan sea salt, these semi-translucent glasses are just as cool to look at, as they are to use. And you۪ll get many uses out of them because salt lasts a really long time (as long as you don۪t immerse them in liquid, and keep them dry during storage). Salt is naturally antibacterial, too, so a thorough wiping down is all these will need.

Rare Beer Club Subscription $36/month + shipping
Get access to craft beers through this membership, including brews that are being newly introduced to the U.S. You۪ll get selections from countries you expect like Belgium and England, but also surprising ones like Brazil. Members receive two different beers a month.

Stanley Growler $40
Keep your brew with you when you۪re far away from the bar with this steel, vacuum-insulated growler. It will keep your beer cold and fresh; there۪s even a cool pop sound when you open it, so you know it۪s still carbonated. The growler is perfect for camping or road trips and the contents will stay cold for a whopping 24 hours.

Northern Brewer Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit $180
Home-brew over the holidays with this amazing starter kit that will turn you into an expert soon enough. (Okay, maybe not an expert, but you۪ll be doing something you can brag about later, anyway.) There are three flavors to choose from: Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, Irish Red Ale, and Chinook IPA. You can stick to the written instructions or pop in the DVD to walk you through the two-step fermentation process. It will yield about fifty bottles of beer in the end, and it comes with caps, but bottles aren۪t included.

Titanium Funnel Flask ($75)
Sure, you might have a few flasks already, and most of them are pretty similiar. But the Titanium Funnel Flask from Vargo is better than those flasks for two reasons: the funnel comes with (easy pouring) and a durable, dent resistant construction. Now sneaking the booze into whereever you are going is another matter entirely.

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die $9 Hardcover
Did you even know there were this many? Well, now that you do, and 2017 be the year of being a whisky connoisseur. That۪s definitely a resolution worth sticking with. In this book, whisky expert Ian Buxton gives the lowdown on his favorites from around the globe.

Joe & Seph۪s Alcoholic Popcorn $25 for six bags
Your favorite movie snack just got a hell of an upgrade. Yup, it۪s popcorn coated with alcohol, including gin and tonic. This company is UK-based, but they ship internationally.

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