Why Brown Is The New Black

Amidst the go-to colors, the blacks, grays, and blues that inhabit most of our wardrobes, there’s one color coming back that's been long overdue for a reappearance. Not just for chinos and shoes, brown is the most versatile color of the season.  Maybe you've considered it as a summer wedding color or you've got a brown sweater or two in your closet.  That's a great start.  But, it's time to think bigger in terms of how brown can play into and elevate your existing wardrobe.  In reality, it's not only easy to wear with a ton of other colors, it goes against the norm in just the right way and will catch people's’ attention without having you stick out like a sore thumb.

Throw The Right Kind of Shade
From chinos to a cotton suit, tan is definitely an easy (and stylish) move.  But, there are additional, equally stylish hues you should have in your arsenal. From a rich tobacco brown (more formal) to a medium, grey-inflected shade (super versatile), you shouldn't limit yourself just to tan when you're thinking about what this low-key earth tone can do for your style.

How To Wear It
From ties to blazers to suits, we’re endorsing all manner of browns.  In fact, you should think about it for all of your main wardrobe items. A bold camel or brown plaid blazer t is the perfect way to rock lighter shades in both casual and dressy situations. Looking for a great new tie color to match with your go-to navy suit?  Brown and blue pair exceptionally well, so tie one on.  

Suit-wise, a rich, dark tobacco hue is our new favorite suit color. It plays well in the office since it’s on the darker side but it’s also just different enough that your style cred amidst a sea of navy and gray is assured. Pair with shades of blue or something as basic as a crisp white shirt and a dark tie.

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