Eight Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your Father

It’s never easy to shop for dads on Christmas. They’re not as good at making lists as moms and they often seem like they have everything they need. No matter what your pops is into, we’ve got something up his alley with some old classics mixed in with some out of the box ideas.

1. Golfer’s BBQ Set ($28)
Fore! This perfect blend of two things all dad’s love--BBQ and golf--is the perfect little inexpensive gift. This three-piece set of golf-themed BBQ tools includes tongs, a spatula, and a fork. They’re sure to get your father a birdie next time he’s cooking a birdie.

2. Weber Summit S-420 ($1,500)
The Cadillac of grills, the Summit S-420 (even the name sounds like a fighter jet) is going to blow his mind if it ends up under the tree this year. (Editor’s Note: Weber Summit S-420 will likely not fit under your Christmas tree unless you live in an airplane hanger.)

3. Smoked Meat From Benton’s Smokehouse ($30-$70)
Since 1947 Allen Benton has been curing and smoking some of the country's finest meats. Whether you choose a whole ham or some of his mind-blowingly awesome bacon, you can be damn sure your Dad’s not the only one that is going to be happy.

4. Craft Beer Club ($39 per month)
If your dad is a craft beer aficianado, The Craft Beer Club is definitely your ticket. They deliver craft brews from around the country directly to your door each month. Hey pops, your next few drinks are on me.

5. Personalized Barrel of Whiskey ($85-$200)
Some dads prefer spirits to brews. In that case, a personalized barrel of whiskey from the good folks at Uncommon Goods is definitely your move. Plus it’s the perfect excuse to pour one up, relax and catch up with the big fella over a prime batch of booze.

6. Craftsman 5-Drawer Homeowner Tool Center with 58-PC Craftsman Tool Set ($120)
Dads and tools go togehter like peanut butter and jelly. Whether he’s fixing up the house or tinkering on a vintage car, your dad definitely deserves a fine set from the masters at Craftsman.

7. Osprey Stratos 36 Pack ($160)
For the outdoorsy dad, there’s always the option of getting him some hiking gear. Pretty much anything on the shelves at REI would be a good choice, but a great day pack is the ultimate essential.

8. Weekend in Spring Training (~$500)
Your dad probably loves baseball and spending time with you. Why not put those two together and set up a father/son trip to MLB’s spring training? A weekend trip to Florida or Arizona, a few cold beers, and America’s pastime, what could be a better Christmas gift than that?

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