The Best Movie and TV Trailers from Comic Con 2016

Last week the geek universe descended on sunny San Diego for it’s annual rite of passage (costume contest?), Comic Con. But these days “The Con” is much more than just a gathering of Marvel freaks and DC geeks, it has become ground zero for both the movie and tv industry heavyweights to display all the shiny new toys they’ve got lined up for big and small screens in the coming year. Movie fans in and out of ridiculous costumes gather in the massive halls for never-seen-before previews and highlights from the year’s biggest upcoming movies and tv, both comic and non-comic related. This year there was no shortage of impressive trailers and news, and DC Comic’s newly formed DC Films grabbed the spotlight away from what has traditionally been Marvel Studios’ playground. Here’s the best of the best from Comic Con, and yeah, we’re pretty much frothing at the mouth too.

Justice League
The biggest, baddest reveal had DC fanboys and regular joes losing they damn minds. The Marvel vs DC movie battle finally might have gotten interesting.

Wonder Woman
Not to be outshined by her male counterparts, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was arguably the best thing about Batman vs Superman and the upcoming standalone move doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint.

Doctor Strange
Marvel saw DC's bet and raised it with this bad boy. Let’s face it, Benedict Cumberbatch is f-ing phenomenal in everything so putting him in visually-stunning, unique take on the comic book movie genre is going to have predictably awesome results.

Kong: Skull Island
When he’s not partaking seaside makeout sessions with his overlord/girlfriend Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston found time to star in this what appears to be incredible reboot of the King Kong series. Massive effects and a killer cast should make this one a can’t-miss.

The Walking Dead Season 7
The rabid fans of AMC’s powerhouse were teased into a fiery rage with this face-meltingly awesome look at its upcoming seventh season that premieres in October. LONG LIVE NEEGAN!

Luke Cage
It’s not just the big screen that Marvel is dominating, it’s streaming TV too. Fresh of the massive success of Netflix’s gritty, violent Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Marvel dropped this insane preview (ODB's Shimmy Shimmy Ya? Incredible.), the third in its set of five Netflix properties. The other two, Iron Fist and The Defenders (featuring a Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up) also got very brief previews.

American Gods
Based on the acclaimed cult fantasy book by legendary author Neil Gaiman and written and produced by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies), this Watchmen-style epic looks to make big headlines when it debuts on Starz.

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