Suit Tips: 3 Easy Ways To Dress Down A Suit

If you hadn’t already noticed, we’re living in a hell of a great time to wear suits.  Sure, obviously there are a lot of you who are getting the regular midweek wear out of your suits but also, we’ve reached what we’ll call “peak casual suit”.  Now before you roast me for some lame attempt at making up some dumb phrase, hear me out.  What I’m trying to say is, there’s never been a better time to get more mileage out of your best suits (and the investment you made) than to wear them to places other than work and to a wedding.  While it’s not as simple as just skipping the tie, it definitely is easier than you may think and it’s a great way to set yourself up for a ton of compliments.  So whether you’re looking for a fresh new way to dress up for a night out or something to mix up your tired casual Friday rotation, dressing down your suit is a stylish-as-hell way to do it.  Here’s how.

With A T-Shirt and Sneakers
Yeah, we’ve talked about it before, and for good reason, when done right it not only looks super cool and stylish but it’s also easy.  The key is the right t-shirt and the right sneakers.  We’re going to go ahead and assume your fit is locked in, so outside of that, it’s about keeping things simple.  A classic white, gray, or black t-shirt paired with your suit and a sharp pair of leather sneakers and you’re in business.  If you want to level up, you can try a graphic t-shirt or something with some color but just make sure you keep it low key.

When To Do It:  Unless you work in a hip, creative office environment, nighttime is your time to shine.  A night out with the fellas (bar or club) or a 3rd or 4th date is the perfect opportunity to impress with your style cred.

With A Sweater and Loafers
The perfect mix during those transitional times between seasons, pairing up the right sweater with a suit doesn’t just have to be about layering.  In this case, we’re dropping the dress shirt and keeping the sweater as the focal point with the suit.  Like we did with our t-shirt and suit combo, this one is also about simplicity.  Crewneck sweaters work best here but a v-neck with a t-shirt underneath is also a worthy option.  Skip the v-neck sweater/no undershirt, it’s very dicey territory.  Complete with a pair of loafers and you’ve got a great medium dressy vibe that’s super versatile.

When To Do It:  It’s perfect for a casual Friday changeup (or a more casual midweek office) and transitions right into evening plans easily.

With A Printed Button Up
If you’re not already with us on the printed shirt party bus, it’s time to get the hell on.  In addition to being an easy way to add a bit of boldness to your closet, printed shirts are a great pairing that will freshen up your standard suit.  How large or small you go with the pattern is up to you (we say the bolder the better) but just make sure you skip the tie and keep the colors coordinating.  Shoe-wise, you’ve got options depending on how dressy you want to go but sneakers or loafers are two no-fail options.

When To Do It:  Anything goes here really, from a dressy date night to a more casual wedding or even that pre-wedding bachelor party night out in Vegas.  Wherever you rock it, just make sure you stay hydrated.

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