It’s a question as old as time itself...ok maybe not. But, taking proper care of your goods is vital and there’s a right way and a wrong way to take care of business. Different garments require different care and doing things the right way is not only going to prolong their life but also make them look their best. Follow these tips when you drop your goods off at your local dry cleaners and you can sit back, pour a scotch, and relax knowing you’re doing everything you can to maintain your clothes the right way.

What to Dry Clean

Wool and Cotton Suits: These delicate fibers require special care and light pressing.
Wool and Cashmere Sweaters: To maintain their shape, ask for them folded over the hanger.
Silk Shirts: Actually, if you have silk shirts, just go ahead and burn them.

When to Dry Clean

We recommend dry cleaning as infrequently as you can, only once or twice a quarter. To keep your suit looking fresh in between dry cleanings, ask for a press or steam to bring it back to life.

What to Launder

Cotton dress shirts: Dry cleaning and chemicals can damage delicate cotton shirts over time and laundering gives your shirts a better finish and feel. Plus, since dry cleaning is usually more expensive you’ll save a few bucks for a few more beers this weekend. Take it easy on the starch though, it builds up over time, ask for light starch unless you like a super crisp feel. Don’t forget to remove those collar stays too.

When to Launder

Unless you have a visible stain or you sweat like you’re in a Rocky training montage, you can get a few wears in between launderings, use your best judgement and don’t forget to give it a good ironing for a neat look. When in doubt, ask a friend for a smell test, though we don’t recommend asking a stranger on the subway.

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