5 Essential Suit Colors and How to Wear Them

As far as dress codes go, it’s pretty much a total f-in’ crapshoot these days. Workplaces are getting more relaxed, social events are getting more dressy, and everywhere you look people are telling you to wear a tie or a pocket square (guilty as charged). But sometimes you gotta just boil it all down and embrace the absolute essentials in order to refine your style.

So let’s leave that “Can I pull off this plaid suit?” question for another day, (yes you can, by the way) and look at how you can instantly elevate your style by just taking a hard look at your solid suit game. Regardless of how formal or informal your workplace or event is, know this: an exceptionally fitting, well-styled solid-color suit is always going to look outstanding. We’ll leave the tie decision up to you.

The Suit: Navy

The Why: The ultimate in versatility depending on how you style it. Navy can just as easily handle your biggest days at the office as it can make you look killer on the dance floor at a wedding with a scotch in hand.

The How: Midweek, keep it no-brainer simple with a solid white or light blue shirt and a subtly patterned tie. On the weekend or after dark, mix in a plaid or checked shirt and a pop of color for a cool vibe that doesn’t scream “10 am deck run-through”.

The Suit: Charcoal

The Why: The James Harden of your suit rotation (rock-solid performer, MVP potential), this one can do it all.

The How: At home in the most formal environments when you pair it with a crisp white shirt and a blue tie, it’s also not afraid to cut loose, so pair it with bold, patterned shirts and ties in colors like pink, purple, and yellow. Just twist the statement knob to suit your preference and go, you’re going to look great regardless.

The Suit: Black

The Why: Because it can go from wedding to Vegas with ease; this is your nighttime go-to. We recommend leaving this one out of your daytime office rotation though.

The How: With a white shirt and simple black or grey tie, your evening wedding or black-tie-optional dress code is covered. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it out to the club or rock it with sneakers.

The Suit: Light Grey

The Why: Because it’s the ultimate seasonal suit that's also office-ready.

The How: Meet your new spring and summer event suit, it’s perfect for everything, day or night. But, don’t leave it in the closet Monday through Friday, style it with a tonal blue and navy look and you’re dialed in for any big day. 

The Suit: Royal Blue

The Why: Because this not-quite-navy, super-stylish medium blue is the next-level move your rotation needs right now.

The How: It’s as easy as navy, simple as that. Keep your choices in line with how you rock your navy suit (white/light blue shirts, red/yellow ties) or go bold with our current favorite finishing move, a green or dark orange tie in a bold pattern.

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