Style Advice: Fall Color 101

We hear you, it can indeed be daunting trying to add a little color into your wardrobe at first. You’re probably thinking, “Can I actually pull this off? Do I look a giant jelly bean? Jelly beans sound delicious, where can I get some?” Fear not gents, we’re here to help (well, with the wearing colors part at least.) The great news is, Fall is here and there is no better (read: easier) time to start to introducing some colors into your daily wardrobe. Follow these few simple pieces of advice and you’ll be embracing Fall’s color palette like the confident gent you are.

Start Simple This rule might seem, well, simple, but it’s an important one. Pump the brakes chief, try one piece at a time, you don’t have to throw an entire crayon box at your closet. A basic, we-fitting sweater, one buttondown, a new pair of cords, or even just a tie. Then, keep the rest of your look basic and no-fail. Tread lightly, gain confidence, and soon you’ll be mixing and matching like a hardcore clotheshorse.

Think Seasonally Yeah, yeah, we get it, that sounds suspiciously fancy. But trust us, it’s not. The Fall season is great because it traditionally calls for darker, richer colors. Think dark green, navy, burgundy, and earth tones like brown, olive, and tan. These darker colors are easy to wear, versatile, and make far less of an impact than that uber-preppy pink polo and ridiculous yellow shorts that are languishing in your closet.

No-Fail Colors To Start With
Burgundy: I’m Ron Burgundy? You’d be surprised how easy-to-wear (and sharp looking) a pair of burgundy pants can be. Seriously, they are just as versatile as a pair of tan chinos. Now that’s a black belt-level move to be sure, but burgundy looks outstanding with just about any color in your closet so, proceed confidently. Don’t think of it as “red”, think of it as a variation of brown. A handsome burgundy wool sweater works great with your favorite denim and can be easily dressed up with a nice pair of charcoal chinos or slacks for a day at the office.

Olive/Dark Green: Greens are happening in a big way right now and we highly recommend jumping on the party bus. It’s subtle so it’s easy to pair with any other color and isn’t all up in your face so it’s a smart first step. Blue goes with olive like peanut butter goes with jelly so try a pair of olive chinos with your favorite blue oxford or indigo chambray and you’ll be heading into the season looking like a champ.

Cobalt Blue: This rich shade of medium blue is the perfect way to add a fresh new vibe to the standard navy you’re used to wearing. Don’t get us wrong, we love navy, it’s a loyal friend that always looks outstanding. But, we’re also going to encourage you to venture out into the vast seas of blue that are making their way into the wardrobes of the best dressed men on the planet. Wear these “new blues” just like you would regular navy (suit, blazer, chinos, even a tie) and expect looks of admiration and compliments to rain down from the heavens.

See? That wasn’t so tough was it? Don’t overthink it, think basic, and start small. Here’s to a new, colorful Fall season.