The Fall Style Upgrade: 8 Items You Need Now

Fall is officially back (or maybe not so much, depending on where you live), and that means it's time to address your closet again. The change in seasons means a change in the types of clothes you wear, buuuuut it’s not just that simple. The new season means opportunity first and foremost; a chance to consider a few style upgrades or new digs you haven’t given a run before. First up, we've got a list of items we're really digging right now, all of which are going help you meet the season's needs and increase your style quotient in a really cool way.

Chelsea Boots
If you’re not on the Chelsea-bound train, now’s the time. Versatile but with an edge, Chelsea boots are sleek and very stylish. Plus, they’re easier to wear than you might think, trust us. Slip on a pair in dark chocolate or tan and they’ll pretty much compliment anything you wear with them. Substitute your regular boots or casual dress shoe when you wear denim and chinos and you’ll add a whole new (and maybe cooler) vibe to your fall wardrobe.

A Lightweight Technical Jacket
If anything, Fall's temperatures can be unpredictable, cold in the morning and evening, warm during the day, plus a random rain shower thrown in.  So, you best be prepared with a lightweight tech-inspired jacket (read: nylon) that's both breathable and can easily be layered.  Obviously, it helps if it's sharply styled and in a versatile dark color too, leave that high-vis orange for the Clif Bar mountain-climbing crowd, you're a stylish professional here.

Dark Denim
Sure, maybe it’s obvious but it always bears repeating, this is dark denim season. Not only are we talking dark, like inky indigo or black, we’re also talking crisp. Dark colors mean slightly more dressy, perfect for the evening or a casual office. Cuff them to show off the tailored hem and pair them with your favorite boots and an appropriate sweater or oxford shirt.

A Bomber Jacket
A classic piece of outerwear, the best bomber jackets are both warm and versatile. The best part is they can go casual or formal, jeans, a knit, and a button up or t-shirt on Saturday of Sunday (or just “gameday” as we call ‘it) or, switch it up and throw one over a suit in place of an overcoat or blazer for your Monday through Friday.

A Chambray Shirt
The iconic worker shirt, chambray is definitely a style workhorse. What’s cool about chambray is that you can wear it practically year round, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Wear one with a smart pair of chinos, or add it to a suit to change up your office style. Change up the shoes to add or subtract some formality and you’ve got a seven-day-a-week shirt.

A Plaid Blazer
Not just any blazer, this season it’s time for something with a bold pattern. Texture and pattern work well as the season change and a modern blazer is going to help you bring the thunder. It does double-duty in a snap and can be dressed up or down, with dark jeans and wingtips or boots, or slacks or chinos and your favorite double monks.

Corduroy Pants
A fall and winter staple, it’s definitely cord season. Keep in mind that the wider the ribbing found in the fabric, known as cords, the warmer and heavier the pants will be. Nowadays, cords come in a host of different colors, but it’s best to stick to fall hues, like olive green, tan or even burgundy.

A Zip-Up Sweater
Some fall days will feel colder than others, but maybe it’s not quite time to break out the coats. Having a lightweight, but warm sweater in your arsenal will allow you to stay insulated, without looking bulky and feeling overheated. We’re definitely down with the style and function of zippered sweaters this season, and bonus points if you bring in some textured knits. They’re great in your office rotation but just as slick for some weekend warmth.

A Printed Dress Shirt
Yeah, you’re probably down with the standard stripes and ginghams, but if you want to add that extra bit of swag, get in on the dress shirt’s next evolution. Small geometric patterns and prints are just as easy to pair up as your standard checks (just keep the patterns minimal and in the same color family) but will add that extra dose of style your suit rotation is probably dying for right now.

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