Fantasy Knowledge: Week 9

Drew Brees owners aside (go screw yourselves), that was a brutal last weekend wasn't it? The injury reaping hit and hit hard. For those Le'veon Bell owners (this writer included), this one’s for you, that was tough. As we wipe away the tears, it’s important to focus because every week counts, especially if you’re fighting for a playoff spot.

Let’s survey the landscape and dig into this week’s knowledge.

Starts of the Week
Ben Roethlisberger - Back in full effect and facing a tasty matchup against Da Raidez.
DeMarco Murray - Don’t underestimate the power of that massive chip on his shoulder as he visits his ex-girlfriend.
Julian Edelman - If you haven’t heard, Brady is on fire. Add in a Washington D that couldn’t stop a sloth trying to cross the road. Expect heroics.
Jordan Reed - If he’s on the field (yes, a BIG IF) he’s putting up numbers. He’s on the field.
Atlanta Falcons D - Almost anyone against the 49’ers is worth a start. Plus a nice topper of Gabbert as the starting QB? Please and thank you.

Sits of the Week
Andrew Luck - Injury concerns plus a major rough patch plus the Broncos defense? Talk about bad luck. (See what I did there?)
Brandon Marshall - Dealing with some injuries and an unsure start. Not to mention, Fitzpatrick’s dealing with injury as well. We warned you.
Any Colts Receiver - See above, it should make sense.

Sleeper Picks of the Week
Kamar Aiken - Smith is down so Aiken should immediately haul in all those targets from Flacco.
Joique Bell - Detroit is desperate and the offense is in upheaval but despite this J.Bell could put up numbers, especially at the goal line (if they get there). He is officially out-touching Abdullah.
Delanie Walker - Quietly putting up solid numbers and now that Mariota is back from injury expect even more targets.
Derek Carr - Check his stats, they’ll surprise you. Seriously, do it.
Heath Miller - Big Ben is back and Miller is looking at a delicious matchup against the Raiders D.

Wavier Wire Pickups
Tyrod Taylor - Coming back after an injury is always dicey but they’re at home and Sammy Watkins should be looking for some targets as well.
Jeremy Langford - Forte’s injury opens the door for this sure-handed receiver to start putting up Forte-like numbers.
Stevie Johnson/Malcom Floyd - Rivers is hucking that thing all over the field and someone’s going to be the beneficiary of all of those targets now that Allen is down. Take your pick.
DeAngelo Williams - If you didn’t immediately hit the “add” button the second Lev Bell’s injured knee hit the turf you missed out on what’s to be sure-fire production.

Stat of the Week
Old Guys Rule - Amongst the top 10 qbs in the league (by QBR), only one of them, Andy Dalton, is under 30.

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