A Father's Day Gift Guide That Doesn't Suck

Let’s state the obvious: traditionally, Dads have been more than a little difficult to shop for. There’s a reason they so often get saddled with socks, ties, and paperweights -- even they don’t know what they want on their big day. How often have you heard the following (or something similar)?

“I don’t need anything.” “Whatever you want to do is fine.” “I’d rather you spend the money on yourself.”

Well, good news: we’re here to help. While Father’s Day is about way more than presents, the well-considered gift for your Old Man can communicate something more than love; it can signal respect, shared values, even a sense of understanding that words alone can’t achieve. It can let your Dad know that you see him as both a father and a man with individual interests and passions. We’ve put together a list of potential gifts to help prep you for a Father’s Day you’ll both remember for a long time to come. Here’s to the Dads.

MEAT: Everything You Need to Know ($25)
Is your Dad’s favorite place in front of a grill? With summer BBQ sessions fast approaching, get the grillmaster in your life the collected wisdom of Pat LaFrieda, butcher extraordinaire. With over 75 recipes covering a range of different meat types and preparations, your Dad’s chops will be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Buffalo Trace Bourbon ($30) / Eagle Rare Bourbon ($32) / Elijah Craig Small Batch ($25)
These are exceptional bourbons with $100+ taste at a 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost. For the father who enjoys a good cocktail, these affordable gift ideas bring real quality and real flavor profiles -- to the table. Great with a steak, over ice, or neat, you can't go wrong with a fine bottle of booze this Father's Day.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ($85)
With a slim silhouette and clean, masculine aesthetics, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet can help your Dad get organized and look good doing it. It’s functional, efficient, and can permanently remove the dreaded back-pocket bulge from his life.

NEST Thermostat ($249)
If your Dad is a tech enthusiast, be sure to check out the NEST family of products -- the Thermostat, in particular. It’s a self-learning Internet of Things smart device, which means that over time it will adapt to your Dad’s climate preferences. It’ll also save him a bundle on heating and cooling costs.

Best Made Company Knives
Whether your Dad is handy, a chef, an outdoorsman, or fisherman, Best Made Co's boasts a variety of beautiful and useful knives of all shapes and sizes.

A Classically-Inspired Watch
If your Dad toes the line between modern sensibility and classic design, consider the Tissot Tradition ($300). We love this line because of its ideal combination of style, quality, and value. Alternatively, we’re big fans of Orient's Classic and Sport lines. The subtle and stylish watches get high marks for their simplicity of design. You can't go wrong with either choice and Dad will be looking stylish -- no matter the time.

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