The Best New Running Shoes

Wearing the right shoe is incredibly important when working out, especially when it comes to running. When we mean “the right shoe” we aren’t talking about the kind of kicks that will have sneakerheads giving you the “chest tap” sign of approval. The right type of running shoe is designed thoughtfully and is not only running-specific but also works with your foot shape and natural running style. Let’s lace ‘em up and hit the streets (or treadmill).

Skora Tempo
The Skora shoe company is the runner’s running shoe. By taking things back to the basics with a naturalistic approach to building running shoes Skora designs shoes that have the feel of being barefoot. The Skora Tempo is designed with enough support and comfort without interfering with the natural stride of the foot. The theory is that this creates a comfortable run that is also a safer one. The shoes are extremely lightweight but have enough cushion to protect you from whatever surface you’re running on. Barefoot-style running takes some getting used to but many elite atheletes and coaches swear by this approach if your'e a dedicated runner.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost
From the classic shell-toes to the heights of Yeezy Season, Addidas has been redefining footwear for years. Believe it or not though, Addidas also has deep and cutting-edge performance history, from the track to the soccer pitch. The Supernova Glide Boost are something different (in a good way) and worth trying out if you rack up a lot of running miles. The shoe has extra cushioning and can take quite a bit of wear and tear, making it an ideal road running shoe. It’s a neutral response shoe that should last over 500 miles, making it worth the $90-plus price tag.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 3
The Nike Flyknit Lunar is an iconic running shoe that keeps progressing without losing its old-school charm. The newest version, teh Lunar 3, is nearly an ounce lighter than the last model, partly in thanks to a more flexible heel that no longer causes the collar to close in around the foot. This creates a comfortable toe box shape that allows for natural room and movement of the toes. Nike’s revolutionary flyknit fabric is better than ever and makes for the perfect base for those wanting a light, flexible feel.

ASICS Gel Pursue
Asics has an impressive running pedigree and many extremely successful styles. In fact, it's the go-to shoe brand that many hardcore runners swear by. While it’s neither the lightest nor fastest one out there, The Gel Pursue does provide some of the firmest support so you can make tracks on the treadmill. The foam base in the shoe is among the firmest Asics makes and it features plenty of padding in the heel and in the tongue. If you’re a bigger guy and require a firmer, more supportive shoe, take a hard look at The Pursue.

New Balance Vazee Pace
A longstanding running staple, New Balances is like a german sedan, they don’t have as much flash as a Ferrari but they’re always rock-solid, comfortable, and long-lasting. The New Balance Vazee Pace is a mid-foot striking trainer shoe thats lightweight for speed and comfortable for distance. Some heavy foot strikers (you know who you are) might find the foam padding to be a little thin, but those with smaller frames and lighter strides will consider them an awesome choice.

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