Shopping For Clothes That Will Never Go Out Of Style

As the legendary Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade but style is eternal.” Wise words to live by. When considering your current wardrobe, it’s important to consider how you find a balance between long-lasting, personal style and of-the-moment trends. We get it, some things are meant to only last a season and if you’re feeling it for the moment definitely go for it. But the key to evolving your own personal style is realizing that trend-based gear isn’t the same thing as those go-to closet staples that will take you from season to season. Becoming a wise shopper isn’t a difficult process all you need to do is get yourself in the right mindset and ask yourself these simple questions before you swipe that card.

See Yourself In It For Years
You’re standing in the fitting room looking at this really cool graphic shirt and it seems bold and fun, you certainly don’t own anything like in your closet. You think to yourself “Hmm, it doesn’t really fit the bill of something that you would usually wear but you told yourself to make bolder fashion choices.” Before you cop that shirt, consider these questions: “Will I want to wear this shirt three years from now?” and “If not, does the price/investment merit a short-term commitment?” A very important part to building a strong wardrobe is being able to see yourself in a certain item over and over. Selecting closet staples should be clothing designed to withstand the test of time. Take a critical eye to purchases and aim for multiple year usage. Making it to 2020 in something you invested in is a strong target to shoot for.

Build a Strong Foundation
A very important component to buying clothes that will last forever is being able to build a strong wardrobe foundation. When it comes to shopping, going for the most flashy and eye-catching gear isn’t always the best decision. As we previously mentioned, a great closet should be filled with core pieces that will keep you looking fresh over the years. Think of it this way; if you only purchase the most popular pieces that are driven by short-lived trends you might as well be building that mountain cabin on sand that’s going to disintegrate once the river rises.

Quality Matters
Finally, some thoughts on quality. Are the garments you’re investing in built to last? Let’s face it, some items are built to withstand two washes before they disappear into a handful of rags. When considering purchases, give your items a look-over, notice the construction, the stitching and details. Consider the sources the company is using as well. Ultimately this is not always a function of price. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is automatically high-quality. The reverse is also true, in the age of e-commerce many small brands are able to source and deliver exceptionally-made goods and materials without fancy brand names and high prices. This simple and quick step will allow you to quickly understand what you’re spending your cash on and prevent any future jaw drops from occurring when you find your favorite shirt transformed into a foreign object.

As you work towards building your own personal style, you’ll become adept at building strong and smart shopping habits ensuring you’ll have a closet full of stylish goods for years to come.

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