More of The Best Fitness Channels On Youtube

Since it۪s always time for a new routine to avoid that inevitable plateau (or you just have major workout ADD) we dove back into the depths of youtube, got really sweaty, and are back with a whole new set of trainers and fitness enthusiasts to help you stay motivated as we head into Fall.

Steve Cook Health/Swoldier Nation
Yeah, maybe swoldiers۝ is kind of a lame name, Steve Cook has been helping guys get healthy on YouTube since 2013, so it۪s no wonder he۪s built a huge fitness empire and has over half a million swoldiers. This channel is a mix of motivation vlogs and workout instructional videos all geared to whip you into shape quickly and help you stay on track. He teamed up with this year for an intense 8-week muscle-building workout, and Cook even offers paid subscription services with daily workouts on his website.

Scott Herman Fitness
While a lot of YouTube trainers focus on muscle gains, Herman۪s channel, which a lot older than most at seven years old, is geared toward a whole range of other fitness goals, too, like weight loss, endurance building and strength training. He also has playlists with workout routines for different sections of the body. With more than 200 million views and more than a million subscribers, Herman is obviously doing some things rigth. What makes his videos some of the best out there are Herman۪s expertise as a certified trainer. He takes the time to explain things like how to maintain proper form throughout an exercise, common mistakes that can slow down progress, and the difference in effectiveness between different exercises.

Candito Training HQ
Jonnie Candito۪s channel is for anyone looking to get into powerlifting or just get jacked in general. He۪ll give you lots of tips you can take right to the gym, including techniques for bench-pressing, squats and deadlifts, and show you his routine before competitions. Beyond all this, it۪s just inspiring as hell to see someone take on as much weight as he does.

Turbulence Training
Turbulence Training is part of health and wellness channel Early to Rise, and it۪s the perfect collection of routines for anyone who is pressed for time or just has a packed schedule. None of the workouts are more than ten minutes, but trust us, they۪re pretty intense and can be stacked up for longer workouts. Plus, short bouts of intense training have been shown to be really effective for your fitness routine.

Fitness Blender
If you۪re the no-nonsense type who likes a ton of options, Fitness Blender if perfect for you. Jam-packed with over 500 diverse workouts from 10 minute ab routines to 45 minute full-body workouts, the husband and wife trainers at Fitness Blender have a workout for you. While the workouts aren۪t the super up-tempo, pump-you-up type, the instructions and techniques are outstanding and there۪s always something new.

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