5 Tips From A Stylist: Summer Edition

Spring weather will be here before you know it, and with that, new wardrobe conundrums. Fear not though, Kristen, Unhemmed’s resident stylist, is back to help you get dialed in for a summer's sartorial challenges. Listen up gents, the doctor is in.

Tip #1 - Add Some Color To Your Rotation 

“Man up; don’t be scared of a little color.” she says, “It’s as simple style move that really can really up your game and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just start small.”

Kristen's right, it’s easy. Start with one color and one article of clothing, then keep the rest basic. Try a pair of burgundy or olive chinos and pair with a simple white oxford or grey button up. Try a pink or yellow tie with your navy suit, or pair a lavender shirt and tie with charcoal. As you gain confidence, experiment some more.

Tip #2 - Get a Seasonal Suit 

"It's peak Summer wedding season, and with the heat, you'll want a way to stay dapper and cool. A summer suit or blazer in a lighter shade made of cotton or linen is the perfect way to do it. I always encourage guys to think about the seasons as it relates to all of their wardrobe, suits included. A light grey suit in cotton or lightweight wool, or a traditional tan or navy chino suit are perfect for spring/summer weddings and cocktail parties. You’ll look amazing and they’ll set you apart from the dark suit masses."

For even hotter climates, say a beach wedding, a well-tailored linen blazer and chinos is definitely the way to go. “Just make sure your linen is as well-fitting as everything else and definitely not baggy.” she says.

Tip #3 - Go Sockless

"No-show socks are a great look for anything semi-casual to casual when the weather warms up, but you definitely want something to keep your feet dry. Stinky shoes are definitely not a good look.”

No-shows (aka loafer liners) are easy to find these days and can be worn with everything from loafers to sneakers. Just make sure they’re actually “no show” though, a little bit of white sock peeking out isn’t a good look either, especially with shorts.

Tip # 4 - Get Some Classic Shades

“Without a doubt, always go with classic-style sunglasses, they’ve stood the test of time for a reason because they’re awesome. My personal favorites are a vintage-style aviator or wayfarers. Black is great but the tortoise is even better.”

The sun is starting to come out from behind the clouds on a more regular basis so it’s probably time to start thinking about updating your shades. And no, Kristen is definitely not digging your old sports shades. Looking for a few more sunglasses tips>? We've got you. 

Tip # 5 - New Season, New Belt

Specifically, something that isn’t leather. “Leather belts are great with almost everything, but your casual wardrobe should definitely include something in fabric, grosgrain, or a leather/fabric combo.” she recommends. “Keep those dress belts for your suits and thick leather belts for denim. It’s time to branch out, trust me.” And trust us, you should probably listen to her.

Isn’t it great having your own stylist on call? We thought so.

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