Four Easy Tweaks To Elevate Your Suit Game

It’s only Tuesday and you already having a hard time trying to figure out how to turn your classic two piece suit a better representation of the stylish guy you're aiming to be. Now you could buy a new suit for everyday of the year but even then, it may not help. Instead we recommend that you save a buck and simply incorporate these four easy style upgrades into your wardrobe that will instantly upgrade and maximize your suit’s potential. Sometimes it’s just about that extra 10%.

1. The small but powerful pocket square
Such a small swatch of fabric, and yet it’s just what you’ve needed to upgrade your suit game. The pocket square has become every stylish man’s greatest weapon. Whether you're rocking a solid cotton or lightweight woven pocket square the right square can certainly turn any outfit into a memorable one. So go on and give a bit more effort to your pocket square collection they can be inexpensive and certainly will stick with you throughout the years. Just don’t go to matchy-matchy with your tie, shirt, and pocket square pairing, looking like a box set won’t get you any style points.

2. The little piece of metal that makes a big difference
The tie-bar has become one of the most easily forgotten styling elements in recent years, but it’s impact on a suit’s look belies its small size. When selecting a tie-bar, stick with one of the proper size, you never want the tie bar extending past the width of the tie. So choose wisely. Also, don’t be afraid to add some detailing and personality to your chosen tie bar. A little bit goes a long way though.

3. Harness the style (and warmth) of the down vest
With freezing temperatures on the horizon, a down vest can be both tool and solution. your most useful Sure, they come in just about every color and fabric that you can imagine, but keep your overall look in mind (meaning, probably not that bright yellow, unless you’ve got the chops). The key to pulling off styling secret is to go for a lightweight down vest; one that’s slim and tailored. Your vest can be worn over or under your suit jacket and either way it’s not only going to instantly modernize your look and add some depth to that plain two piece combo, but it’s going to keep you toasty too. When deciding on a vest to purchase make sure it isn’t too-puffy or to bold, the vest should worn to complement your suit.

4. Don't be afraid to be socktacular
Sure, socks can seem a bit meek and you may have mastered the pairing of your same old gray and black socks to your suits which is, of course, a good thing. But now it is time to take your sock game to the next level by adding some striped or dotted socks into your rotation. Patterned socks are the sure way to upgrade any suit. Go for an elegant,sophisticated style to really flex your style cred. But keep in mind some limits; a pattern is one thing but a flying pig or emoji symbols are entirely another. It may seem funny, but they never quite make the sartorial statement that you were envisioning, trust us.

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