Four Tips To Take Your Casual Style Up A Notch

Anybody can toss on pair of jeans and everyone should own a few great tee shirts. (If you don’t...seriously?) However, the difference between your casual style and the next guys should be as calculated as switching lanes on the freeway, and just because your day doesn’t require you to put on a shirt and tie doesn’t mean you should put some thought and care into the details of your casual wardrobe. Consider these four valuable rules your leg up on achieving simple yet noticeable upgrades to your casual looks.

1. Never leave home without your watch
Yeah it’s a digital age and everyone owns a smart-phone and a personal tablet which means having a watch on your wrist doesn’t seem as important as it may have fifteen years ago. But let’s not forget the beauty of a watch’s design, functionality and what they can bring to your wardrobe. Even if you’re a tech head with an Apple watch, there’s something extra a sleek and minimal watch can do to bring your style up a level. A simple, clean face, leather strap and sophisticated feel looks great all the time, whether you pair it with something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt or a dressed up look for a date. Stick to simple colors like a white, grey, navy or black face and brown or black strap. If you’re feeling like changing it up, inexpensive nylon NATO-style straps can let you change up the look whenever you want.

2. Find the right t-shirt
Your off-duty style should be as easy as riding a bike. Which is why every guy should always have a solid rotation of well-fitting t-shirts to anchor your casual looks. No, we’re not talking about the cheap undershirts that come in packs of three. Instead you should invest in a t-shirts that will withstand several washes while still holding their shape. When searching for great basic tee shirts skip the heavy graphics and clever sayings, you’re going to want a shirt that will look great whether worn alone or as a layer. The most important rule to remember when selecting a basic t-shirt is that it should fit your body type properly. It shouldn’t be tight, obviously, but it shouldn’t be too baggy either. Too long also looks sloppy so make sure it hits your waistline just past your belt, any longer and it’s too long.

3. The power of a lightweight sweater or sweatshirt
A casual crewneck sweater or sweatshirt is both versatile and complements almost everything in your casual wardrobe. Plus, with unpredictable spring temperatures coming up they’re going to be both practical and stylish on their own or as a layer. An athletic-inspired sweatshirt in a neutral color is a great go-to if you want to complement your favorite pair of sneakers and denim. Don’t be shy about throwing a collared shirt of oxford on underneath if you’re looking to spiff it up for a night out or for Casual Friday.

4. Let Your Feet Do The Talking
Focus on the feet my friend. Regardless of what sort of casual look you’re going with, it’s important to get your shoe game dialed in. Plus the good part about dressing casually is that you’ll have a ton of freedom with your footwear. Whether you decide to wear a sleek pair of Chelsea boots, a pair of minimalists white sneakers or a fresh pair of Nikes, it’s all good if you put some thought into it. Completing your look with a killer pair of shoes says “I give a damn and I can flex my style muscles with whatever I’m wearing, even on the weekends.” Let’s get to stuntin’ on some fools.

Remember, casual style doesn’t have to equate to boring style. Find those small touches and tweaks that both show your personality and your dedication to being a man of style.

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