Groom Your Beard The Right Way

Grooming one’s beard is a serious business, especially if you’re in it for the long haul. Forget amateur hour, aka “no shave November/Beard-cember/Beard-tober”, we’ve got some protips for people who view their beards as a lifestyle, not a gimmick for an IG post. To keep your beard looking triumphant and masculine throughout any season, heed this advice.

Oil is your friend
Not only does a good beard oil moisturize the skin beneath your beard, but it also relaxes rogue hairs. Significant others will be sure to appreciate the smooth feeling and pleasant smell of your pampered scruff thanks to a regimen of oil application post-cleansing. While it depends on your beard type in terms of oil, we're fans of Brooklyn Grooming's Beard Oils ($29) as well as Herbivore's Beard Tonic ($20), both have light, woodsy scents and moisturize well without feeling heavy.

Invest in a beard brush
Brushing your beard might seem like common sense, but it’s also easy to get all Galifianakis if you get a little lazy. You should always brush your masterpiece to keep it free of junk or today’s lunch (Sriracha beard is not a good look), but it’s especially important if you want a well-shaped appearance. Daily brushing keeps your hair in line and it will reduce your amount of flyways. Try the Jack Dean Military Beard Brush ($6) it’s simple, cheap, and it’s nylon bristles will tame even the coarsest of hair.

Cleanse and exfoliate properly
Just because you're foregoing the razor doesn't mean you should skip cleansing your skin properly. Ideally, you're already using a decent facial cleanser and not that bar of soap (you are aren't you?), and your beard demands a bit of extra attention. Try adding a gentle exfoliating wash once a week or so to keep your skin underneath your beard clean and flake-free. Your mug will thank you.

Trim regularly
Since hairstylists recommend to trim your hair every two months, it makes sense that the rule also applies to facial hair. Regularly trimming your beard will avoid split ends, in-grown hairs and it will keep you looking so fresh and so clean. For longer beards, trim every 2-3 months and for shorter beards trim every 2-3 weeks. If you want to give your beard a bit of shape, trim the upper portion (near your sideburns) slightly shorter and let if fade into a slightly longer length on the lower half (around your lower cheeks and chin). While it may seem like a lot of work, your beard deserves the same respect that your haircut deserves.

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