Our Favorite Grooming Youtubers

In addition to dope prank videos, weird eating fetishes, and style tips, youtube has become an incredible resource for grooming tips and hairstyle tutorials. Whether you're looking to dial in a new cut or get a few tips on how to style that hardpart, there's a video for you. Because what’s the use in pulling an outfit together, if the rest of you is a mess, right? We pulled a few of our favorite youtube hair pros and they've got a huge range of easy-to-execute looks to get that mop of yours looking right.

Jordan O'Brien / The Gentlemen's Cove
The size of O’Brien’s audience is no surprise given how informative and well-produced his content is. O’Brien offers step-by-step instructions on achieving his signature hair looks and your fave celebs’, product reviews, and how-to videos on trimming your beard and keeping your hair healthy. His skincare routine is also one of his most popular videos. On the clothing front, he’s all about helping his audience get more dapper, and we teamed up with him for our Dress Smarter Shoe Guide a few months back.

Cameron Cretney
A popular lifestyle vlogger in addition to offering up dope hair tips, Cretney has got you covered with everything from a daytime professional style to something more edgy for late night outings. He also goes beyond just sharing what products he uses; he actually discusses why he uses them and how they work to create a particular style. Every once in awhile he even does a Q&A about hairstyling, too.

James Welsh
One of our favorites on da ‘Tube, Welsh is a pure grooming and hairstyle vlogger so if you’re really looking for that kind of focus, he’s your best bet. One of the things he does differently from other vloggers is that he combines video topics frequently. So you’re likely to see him do a how-to and a product review in the same video. Some of our favorite Welsh productions are his skincare tips, how to get the perfect disconnected undercut, and the best affordable colognes on the market.

Robin James / Man For Himself
Robin James is a top-notch choice for grooming tips. He has a really active, well-rounded channel where he gives hair styling how-to's, advice for getting the exact haircut you want at the barbershop, and honest reviews on high and low-end products. James recently added a new feature where he talks about new products on the market every month. He even drops some menswear videos in there to help keep your clothing style looking as fresh as your hairstyle.

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