Our Favorite Holiday Cocktails

December is nearly here and that means Christmas carols on your doorstep, It’s a Wonderful Life on TV, ugly sweater parties and decorating your tree, gifts with big bows and stockings on the mantle, and obviously, cocktails. Yes, lots and lots of cocktails. Since there’s no quicker way to feeling festive this holiday season than something in a glass, here are six of our favorite holiday-ready mixed drinks, some fresh ideas and some remixed classics.

The Under the Mistletoe Cocktail
It’s Yuletide, single people, so what do you want? A kiss under the mistletoe, of course. What’s the best way to work yourself up to be bold enough to go in for that seasonal smooch? Throw back a mistletoe-themed mixed drink, obviously. Muddle cranberries and orange, add some gin and simple syrup, and top with two parts cranberry juice to one part club soda. If you garnish with a thyme sprig and some cranberries, the drink will look like mistletoe in a glass and taste like the loveliest liquid courage.

The Recipe:The Under The Mistletoe Cocktail

The Eggnog Martini
There’s no drink that says Christmas like eggnog, but many find eggnog to be too rich for their tastes. If you want to tone down the richness and step up the Christmas spirit, you can do so by adding to your classic eggnog recipe a distilled spirit, namely, some vodka. In addition, throw in some frangelico and crushed ice, garnish with some nutmeg, and drink like you’re Bond, James Bond at a holiday soiree.

The Recipe: The Eggnog Martini

The Spiced Old Fashioned
Everyone loves a rock-solid Old Fashioned, they’re a great go-to for pretty much any festive occasion and are a snap to make. In this enhanced version they get a dash of holiday spice that adds the perfect holiday spin on your favorite boozy party starter. Rock this one and impress your guests, family members, lovely ladies and pets alike.

The Recipe: The Spiced Old Fashioned

Mulled Wine with Cranberries
A warm beverage is a must during wintertime, and mulled wine is a true winter favorite. Simmer some cranberry juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks, star anise, wine, and cranberries for this special version of the classic drink. This recipe will have you and your guests go from mulled wine to mulled why-not.

The Recipe: Mulled Wine With Cranberries

The Blizzard Cocktail
When you’re listening to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because, baby, it’s cold outside, there’s no better drink to warm you up than a hot coffee. Well, unless you add some booze to your brew, of course. Some whiskey or rum with a half ounce of hazelnut liqueur and a half ounce of Irish cream liqueur is the perfect way to add some cheer to your coffee. Baby, it might be cold outside, but you’ll be warm on the inside.

The Recipe: The Blizzard Cocktail

Santa’s Margarita
Feliz Navidad! South of the border, where Santa Claus is better known as Papa Noel, you may find this lovely cocktail on the Christmas menu. Tequila, cranberry juice, and grenadine blend to make a perfect potion for Ol’ Saint Nick no matter what country it is where he’s climbing down your chimney.

The Recipe: Santa’s Margarita

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