These Startups Will Take Your Pad To The Next Level

Being domesticated is hard for some of us, our natural instincts are to sleep where we pass out, drink from whatever is still clean and buy a couch on Craigslist. Not to mention adding some non-mental-institution-looking style to our pads can be a nightmare and hellishly expensive. But now, thanks to the revolution of the direct-to-consumer home brands it’s easier and cheaper to buy stylish, high-quality products that are going to revolutionize your desperately-lacking pad. Now it’s no stress, no lines, and no shady furniture salesmen with hairy arms. Whether it’s a plush couch, cocktail glasses or luxury bedsheets, you’re looking to upgrade to, these are the best e-tail places to shop for “grown-up stuff.”

Bed Linens
Thanks to a variety of enterprising entrepreneurs you no longer have to drag yourself to a Bed Bath & Beyond on a Sunday when you’re hungover. We’re hoping you can see the value of getting some quality sheets without wanting to spend a mint (psst...women really are about this shit), and you’re in luck. Enter Brooklinen and Parachute, two brands that are keen on bringing luxury linens direct to you, without ridiculous prices. Like so many other DTC companies, they’ve figured out that they could make sheets that were just as sleep-changing, but do it for a reasonable cost by bypassing bloated supply chains and expensive designer licensing fees that are passed onto the consumer. Spun from the finest Egyptian cotton and sold in clean, simple designs these affordable sheets are just the excuse you need to finally give up your Ninja Turtles bedsheets.

Like with all “adult” purchases, buying a mattress can seem trivial. But it's time to get that college futon mentality out of your system. On average, human beings spend 33 percent of our lives sleeping (and uh, doing other things) so why not live it up while you’re on your back. Sure, all the old school brand names all sound the same (Sealy, Serta, Simmons) and the showrooms are creepy with bros in short sleeved dress shirts ordering you to lay down, relax and close your eyes. But now brands like Casper and Tuft & Needle take all of that out of the equation, and for far less. Casper is a New York-based startup that’s changing the bed game with their design-savvy, three-layers of foam, 10-year warranty, tech-engineered mattresses that are delivered right to your door. Tuft and Needle offers similar foam-based mattresses with great prices and nearly 9,000 5-star reviews. Both companies offer six sizes (twin to Cal-King), affordable prices ranging from $500-$950, and insane 100-day trial periods, where you can have the mattress picked up and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Kitchen Goods and Decor
Presentation is a big part of making a lasting impression. A fancy cocktail that you hand-crafted isn’t memorable if you serve it in a red cup. Snowe is a cool, one-stop shop for all things home. Started by a New York couple, the online e-tailer offers well-designed products in four simple and easy-to-browse categories: Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe, with prices ranging from from $32 to $320. Snowe is basically an online Ikea without those damn pencils (no Swedish meatballs though). Simply peruse the site and pick-up clean and sharp home essentials made from high-quality materials (porcelain dinnerware is sourced from Portugal, stainless steel flatware and luxe linens are produced in Italy), and get to winning son.

There are a ton of reasons why furniture is a pain in the ass, it looks cheap, is expensive-as-hell, and is a pain in the ass to move. Campaign makes things easier for a mobile lifestyle by producing quality, mid-priced furniture that can easily be packed-up. Created by an Apple engineer who worked on the design of the iPhone, the online furniture company offers clean line and classic proportionate furniture such as a three-piece slipcovered couch (starting at $495) that is delivered in a foldable flatpack that’s conducive for easy storage and shipping. They also pride themselves with items that are easy to put together. All you need is “two hands and three minutes.” Finding a sofa that is both stylish enough to impress and comfy enough for a Sunday of football can be nearly impossible. Fortunately the folks at Burrow are out to change that. They offer stylish, mid-century-inspired couches, combined with a unique expandable design all at an affordable price, including a 100 day risk-free guarantee. The sofas also has cool features like spill-proof fabric and a built in phone charging dock. Thankfully it assembles without tools, so indecipherable Swedish directions (what the fuck does “flooargeh” mean?) and random tool-shaped pieces of metal aren’t in your future.

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