How Not To Sweat Through Your Shirt

Sweating at the gym means a good workout. Sweating aggressively at work or on a date means you’re probably not taking the necessary steps you need to take to keep your hygiene up or maybe it's time to look at wardrobe fixes.  But also, we’re all busy and whether its sprinting to grab the subway, running around town for meetings, or dealing with a stressful work environment, dealing with sweat is natural. That being said, there are a few ways to combat the sweat and stay cool (or at least look like it) regardless of what you’re facing. There are no end-all, cure-all solutions to it, but here are some preventative tips to help you never let them see you sweat.

Step 1: Embrace The Undershirt 
Behind every great shirt is a better undershirt. Most of us spend our time and money on the dress shirt and simply view the undershirt as an afterthought. There are many factors that go into a good sweat absorbent undershirt, but the most important is fabric. A light, soft cotton is the most common, but not the best as technical fabrics like rayon, tencel and other viscose-based fibers do a better job, but cost a little more. Either way, you want something that fits close to the body, but not tight, so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a down vest underneath that dress shirt.

V-Neck vs Crew Neck and White vs Grey
As for style of undershirt, if you’re wearing a suit, collared shirt and tie go with the crew neck undershirt, it’s professional and standard. If you’re rocking the open shirt it’s best to go with a v-neck for a no-show look. Showing your undershirt under your dress shirt, especially in a professional environment is a rookie move, and you’re definitely no rookie.

White undershirts always work but if you want to avoid any issues when wearing under a white shirt, you’ll actually want to wear a light grey. It may sound crazy but under a white dress shirt, a light heather grey will actually show far less and blend in. We’re not sure why the hell it works or if it’s science or magic, but it does, trust us.

Next-Gen Undershirts
A lot of new, e-comm companies are flooding the undervalued undershirt market which has been dominated by old-school, tighty-whitey brands like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes. The benefits are that these companies are focusing on new fiber and fabric technology including mixed materials and different weaving methods to create better undershirts that breath and wick moisture well, all at competitive prices.

Step # 2: Look At Your Diet
It’s amazing how many of our problems can be remedied by taking care of our body, right? Some foods are considered sweat triggers so if you’re a walking puddle you might experiment by cutting back on things that can aggravate your body’s temperature or disrupt your body chemistry. Things like coffee, alcohol, spicy food, and anything warming (including garlic) can all have an adverse effect on the body’s temperature. Drinking a cold glass of water can help bring your body temperature down, but don’t be OCD about your water intake. Staying properly hydrated is extremely important but that 8x8 glasses of water day rule is an old wive’s tale and it can make you sweat even more.

Step # 3: Hardcore Antiperspirants
A general rule that your dad or uncle should’ve taught you is to wear deodorant every day. It should be part of your morning routine somewhere in-between taking a piss and brushing your teeth. Now, a good antiperspirant will do exactly what its name implies, prevent sweating. There are some schools of thought that may indicate that it could potentially make the problem worse, especially if you have sensitive skin, but if your armpit glands are working overtime, step up your antiperspirant game with some prescription-strength, over-the-counter brands like Maxim, ZeroSweat and Sweat Block. Ultimately, a doctor visit could give you more insight and some prescription-only remedies as well.

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