Always Be Prepared: How To Stock Your Office Desk Drawer

You know that scene in The Bourne Identity when Bourne goes to his secret lock box at the Swiss bank and busts out his cache of emergency goods to prepare him for his next move? Pretty legit. Now the fake passports and 9mm we can’t help you out with we do believe a gentleman needs to be prepared. Just because you’re not a secret CIA badass doesn’t mean you don’t need a “just-in-case” drawer in your office desk to keep you prepared for any social or professional eventuality. Maybe you’ve got an impromptu happy hour date, a last-minute client dinner, or you had an unfortunate mustard incident at lunch? We recommend keeping a few key items stashed away to make sure you’re looking, feeling (and smelling) your best, no matter where your day or evening takes you.

Here’s our go-to list of supplies...

A change of shirt and a tie - Don Draper keeps a stack of crisp white shirts in his desk because he knows that sometimes duty calls but more importantly, sometimes your social life calls. Either way, a change of shirt and tie can give your suit new life for a dinner meeting or dress down your daily grind wardrobe to bar-appropriate style. Plus that sense of renewal you get with a wardrobe change is definitely a confidence booster.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mints - It’s probably obvious, but you never know when you’ll need to freshen up your breath to non-dog level. We think that date of yours will appreciate it too. To keep it simple and inexpensive, try to purchase travel-sized samples of all your favorite grooming items.

Deodorant and cologne - A quick swipe and spritz are all you need to get back to smelling good.Again, if you have any plans for a successful happy hour, this is probably pretty important. Pro tip: rather than blow a wad of cash just for a bottle of cologne for your desk, save a few bucks and stock up on samples from your favorite department store, they’ll do nicely in a pinch.

Stain Stick - The aforementioned mustard incident? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. A handy stain stick like Tide To Go only costs a few bucks and can be a crucial lifesaver if you’re dealing with a stain emergency.

Hair Product - Get that mop of yours under control and styled up for a big evening. A little goes a long way.

Hand Sanitizer and Vitamin C - Maybe you’re jumping on a plane for a business trip or that crazy virus is making the rounds through the cubicle bank, either way, it pays to be prepared.

A Flask of Booze - Whether you’ve had a great day and you’re ready to toast a big win or maybe had a tough break, a compact flask of some decent hooch can definitely come in handy.

Take a cue from the Boy Scouts and always be prepared, your next successful evening out may depend on it.

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