How To Wear A Pocket Square Like A Hollywood Superstar

There is no right or wrong way to wear a pocket square. The near-infinite ways to fold them each have their own merits, but the key is to make sure that whichever fold you choose, it reflects aspects of your personality and style. Here are the four most common pocket square looks, as worn by stylish leading men, and what messages each look sends about the wearer. Let’s help you choose wisely.


1. Jon Hamm's Presidential Look
The Presidential Fold, also known as the Square Fold, dowses the wearer in dapper vibes. If you want to look like a GQ model or a serious-minded businessman, this is the fold for you. It’s Mad Men through and through. And it’s named after the most powerful job in the world. Subtle in its position, just barely peeking out of the pocket, this fold doesn’t ever feel like it’s trying to impress, and yet it still does, in droves.

2. Eddie Redmayne's Point Look
The Point Fold, also known as the Triangle Fold, is another classic. It’s as dapper as the Presidential Fold, but not quite as serious. Use it with a plain white pocket square for more formal affairs, or switch it up and use a color or pattern pocket square if you want to give some extra punch to your outfit. No matter what the color or pattern, this pocket square fold is always on point. Pun absolutely intended.

3. John Slattery’s Double or Triple Point Look
The Double or Triple Point Fold, also known as the Pyramids Fold, takes the classic Point Fold and gives it a bit more flair by adding another peak or two. It’s still sophisticated, but less formal than the Point Fold or the Square Fold. This is for the man who wants to have a unique look that stands out, but doesn’t want to go too far out of the box. You buck convention without breaking with tradition.

4. Chris Pine’s Dandy Look
The Dandy Fold, also known as the Casual Fold, is a fold that adds an air of informality, but just the right amount. Best done with pocket squares that have printed patterns rather than basic colors, this look says you’ve carefully considered your look but have enough confidence to forget all about it.

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