Crown Prints: How To Wear A Printed Shirt

The time has come to swap out your solid shirts for a shirt with a bit more energy and individuality. We get it, wearing a solid shirt seems easy and requires less effort on your part when deciding on what to wear. But we are here to let you know that pulling off a printed shirt isn’t only for the models in the magazines, printed shirts actually can be simple to wear once you know the guidelines. Not to mention, they’ll announce you as a man with his own sense of style and individuality, someone who’s a bit daring and confident. Follow our simple guidelines when selecting a shirt and enjoy the high fives from your friends (and looks from the ladies) as you step-out looking like the style gawd we know you are.

The Casual Printed Shirt
As you’ve probably noticed, the printed shirt trend is alive and well. Browse any site or visit and store you will find a variety of printed shirts at your fingertips. Since you’ll be wearing these shirts casually with denim or chinos you’ve got more flexibility in terms of what type of print you can wear. So when you’re looking for a shirt with a more casual feel, you can generally feel comfortable looking for a shirt with bolder print. Polka dots, florals, and foulards are excellent options that work with a pair of solid chinos in a darker shade or dark denim. By nature, short-sleeved printed shirts will give off a more casual feel, but that doesn’t mean they just have to be reserved for a vacation. Don’t hesitate to give your sleeves a relaxed roll if you want to bridge the gap between casual and more dressy, especially if you’re pairing it with sneakers.

The Dressed Up Printed Shirt
Yup, the printed shirt can be dressed up too and we’re loving this subtle way to turn up a suit or blazer. Take the effort to show your squad that you care about the details by giving your white dress shirt a rest and cranking up the style factor by integrating a printed shirt into your dressy rotation. Printed shirts can work flow pretty nicely when paired with a blazer or suit, all while providing you with that extra boost of confidence that comes from being the most stylish guy at the watercooler. The key to pulling of a printed shirt in a dressier setting is to go for a shirt that has a bit more subtlety to it. Try a version with a small-scale print and make sure the shirt complements your entire outfit. The print shouldn’t have too many colors as it will only make tie pairing more difficult. If you decide to go with a tie then keep it solid (try a knit tie) and in a complementing color. Dressing up a printed shirt is all about letting the shirt do the talking, and this is definitely a whisper-not-shout sort of situation. For a final black belt-level move, try rocking the air tie (top button buttoned, no tie) with your suit. There’s a reason you’re seeing this look all over the place, it’s fucking cool.

Deciding On A Printed Shirt
From florals to checks to geometrical patterns and more, there are endless options of patterned shirts available for you. While it may seem overwhelming, the good news is that you don’t have to wear every pattern that’s been designed. Patterned shirts have a unique ability cater to specifically to your needs. If you’re unsure, just keep it simple. Start with a small-scale pattern in a basic color and rock it with denim. It’s a no-fail vibe and an easy starting point in this new world. Even if you are more of a check pattern versus polka doty type of guy, when it comes to patterned shirts, it’s all about what works for you. All it takes is the guts to give it a try, we guarantee the compliments (and confidence) will rain down like dollar bills at Magic City.

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