How To Win The Apartment Hunt

Finding a new apartment in a crowded city is no joke. Remember playing in the ball pit at Mickey D’s when you were a kid? It’s kind of like that. You’re stuck in a tiny box, clamoring over the guy next to you for a shot at the big leagues, and for some reason, everything smells like saliva. Living in a big city like NYC or San Fran? Forget about it, it’s bloodthirsty barbarians at every turn.

There is hope though, and the key to landing that sweet new pad is preparation. Our secret? We call it The Heat. If you have every item on this checklist ready to go in a formalized packet we guarantee you’re going to blow your prospective landlord’s mind. At the very least you’ll have a leg up on those annoying chicks who just came from SoulCycle.

The Heat:

  • 1. A cover letter about yourself and any roommates. Who you are, what you’re about, and why you’re the perfect tenant. Sell yourself.
  • 2. A completed basic rental application form. Here’s an example
  • 3. Rental history and references from past landlords.
  • 4. A copy of your credit report. Get one at
  • 5. A pay stub or offer letter showing employment and income.
  • 6.  A check in hand for first and last month’s rent and the security deposit.
  • 7.  Any information about an existing or potential pet, including vaccination records.
  • 8.  Your first unborn child (Just kidding! Not really.)

  • Bring The Heat and win the day. Don’t forget to invite us to your housewarming party.

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