(In)Formal Wear: How To Wear Your Tux Casually

Obviously a killer tux is going to be something you can rock year in and year out and it will always look sharp and timeless. But we’re no longer in the era of old Hollywood and wearing a formal tuxedo to a casual dinner on a Monday night just doesn't seem right. We joke of course, but don't sleep on how cool and stylish your tux can be when you wear it casually. It’s the kind of next-level style move that’s really going to bring your personal style up to “damn, son” status. Here’s how to do it right.

The Jacket Is Still King
Even though you’ve decided to break apart this beautiful union you must understand that the tuxedo jacket is the king of your outfit and every element added should complement it. This isn’t the place for a competing statement or overly complicated accessories. As always , don’t forget to make sure the jacket is tailored properly for a streamlined look.

Lapels Gone Wild
Since you're dressing it down, it's a great time to rock that tuxedo jacket with a different variety of lapel. A peak or shawl lapel tux jacket is perfect for dressing down since it's unique design is going to stand out and make a statement when presented with a casual vibe. As we previously mentioned, let the jacket (and the lapels) do the talking and keep the styling simple. This is the perfect opportunity to dress down the jacket with denim, sneakers, and a crisp t-shirt.

Find The Right Shirt
When deciding on a more casual shirt to pair with your jacket you should go with a button-up shirt that doesn’t have a stodgy feel. The simple answer is always to start with a crisp, well-fitting white shirt. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple always. You can always dial down the formality with a chambray shirt; it looks relaxed yet still refined enough. If your looking to make your jacket even more informal, trying pairing it with a graphic-tee. The key to pulling off this style move is that your graphic-tee should have a vintage feel to it. In most cases a white or black graphic-tee will work the best. Harness your inner rockstar and take that tuxedo jacket to new places.

Don’t Neglect The Pants
Sure, your tuxedo pants go perfectly with your tux jacket but wearing them together should be rexerved for those special black tie occasions only. When going informal swap out the formal pants for something casual but still tailored, slim and modern. They should feel fresh and certainly complement your jacket. If you’re going denim, keep them dark, crisp and slim. If you’re stepping out of the denim realm, try a tailored cargo pant in wool or chino or just a simple pair of tailored chinos.

Shoes Always Matter
Yes, in a formal setting we would recommend that you slip on the patent leather shoes, but for this informal look all patent leather must stay in the closet! Your footwear of choice for this outfit should be determined by the level of formality of your tuxedo jacket look. A durable lace-up dress boot or classic black dress shoe will work effortless with a more dressy version. If you’re going to go for a more casual vibe, try a pair of black loafers or a clean white sneaker. With any footwear choice, keep them looking fresh, clean, and when appropriate, with a nice shine.

Tie One On
The fun part of wearing formal attire is that you get you rock a bow-tie. It’s certainly not mandatory when going for informal formal wear but if you are a bow tie type of guy then go for it! Mixing the high and low and the formal and informal can create a cool and unique vibe. Just remember to keep your bow tie a solid and dark color and stay away from the shiny silk fabrics, remember your jacket. An air-tie is always another option and will work just as well and give off that stylish vibe that you want to achieve.

Our Five Favorite No-Fail (In)Formal Wear Looks:
Peak or shawl tuxedo jacket, indigo denim, plain t-shirt, white sneaker
Black peak lapel tuxedo jacket, black denim, white button up, black knit tie, black dress shoe
Black tuxedo jacket, printed shirt, dark denim, dress boot or shoe
Navy shawl collar tuxedo jacket, indigo denim, blue button up shirt, black loafer
Black tuxedo jacket, grey denim, white button up shirt, black dress shoe or loafer

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